10 topics that you should not talk about with a guy

What can you talk to a man? About anything! If a guy is smart and educated, then he will support almost any conversation. And yet there are topics that are better not to touch, in general.

Sometimes it's better to be silent

Forbidden topics

So, we offer you the top 10 topics that you shouldn’t talk about with men:

  1. His mother. Mom for a man is sacred. Many women bring up sons so that they consider that the mother should be the most important woman in life. The parent inspires that the future wife of the son should be similar to her and in all agree with her. So if a girl dares to talk about her mother, then nothing good will come of it. Even if you praise the boy's mother, he can begin to paint her positive qualities and even compare them with yours. And if you dare to criticize your mother, then you will definitely not be satisfied! The guy will protect the parent in every possible way and can arrange a real scandal, and then pass on your words to my mother. In general, do not talk about it.
  2. His figure. It would seem that many guys do not care about their figure. But this is not at all the case. Even if the guy is discussing with friends his grown-up and rounded beer belly or the second chin, and even jokes about his shortcomings and laughs cheerfully, this does not mean that you can also point out these shortcomings in a conversation. In the best case, a man will miss everything by the ears (or pretend that he missed) and change the subject of the conversation, and at worst will be offended at you and decide that he does not attract you outwardly and does not cause sexual attraction. So do not talk to men about appearance and figure.
  3. His ex. This is an extremely unpleasant and forbidden topic. Most men do not cover their adventures. And it is quite logical, because why remember what was. And if a man refuses to talk about who he met and talked with before, then your curiosity can make you nervous. But even if the guy decides to tell about his ex-girlfriends, it’s better for you that this will not happen. Are you ready to hear about all the girls and women with whom your faithful has ever spent time? Hardly. Therefore, to raise this topic in any case is not worth it.
  4. Your ex. All men are inherently proprietors and in any other guys see their rivals (it just so happened, it always has been). And if you decide to tell the guy about your ex, then he will certainly begin to compare them with himself and be jealous of you. If your goal is jealousy or quarrel, then go ahead. If you want peaceful communication, do not tell a man about your ex-boyfriends. In the end, put yourself in his place. And if to take into account that emotional descriptions with details are peculiar to girls, the interlocutor will be doubly unpleasant and uncomfortable.
  5. His "dignity". Almost all men believe that the genitals are not at all what it is worth talking to a girl, even with her beloved. Even if you plan to respond to the "friend" of your faithful enthusiastically, he may not appreciate it. And if you notice some flaw and hurry to tell a guy about him, you risk becoming a sworn enemy for him.
  6. Sex. Even if a man is liberated and knows a lot about sex, he does not think that it is worth talking about it. Most of the representatives of the stronger sex believe that intimate life is a sphere that implies only actions. Words and reasoning are definitely out of place.If you want to give your partner a few recommendations or ask him about what he enjoys, then the best thing to do is “in the process,” fleetingly and, of course, passionately. But no long conversations, arguments and interrogations in bed! It completely kills desire.
  7. Bad luck. Who will be pleased to remember their mistakes and mistakes? And men treat their achievements and successes with particular trepidation, so it will surely be unpleasant for a guy to stir up again in his memory what, for some reason, did not work out. Even if you want good and want to give advice, the guy will not appreciate it and will not understand and will think that you consider yourself stronger and smarter than him. And if you decide to play a trick, remembering any incident, then it is better to forget about it immediately, if you do not want to offend your interlocutor.
  8. Earnings and everything related to finances. Why is this a taboo subject? Because any man is essentially a breadwinner, mother nature has so ordered. And if you suddenly start to be interested in the income of the guy, then he definitely will not think anything good. First, he can decide that only money is important to you, and you are a mercantile woman.Secondly, the guy can decide that you want to compare his financial capabilities with others, for example, with his. Thirdly, if a man earns more than well, then he can start showing off this. Any outcome of a conversation is undesirable for you.
  9. Job. If a man does not love his job (and, by the way, there are a lot of such representatives of the stronger sex), then he will definitely not want to talk about it. But if a guy adores his profession, he will decide to tell about it as much as possible. This is unlikely to be interesting to you (and after 15-20 minutes of his narrations it will definitely become uninteresting), and he may notice it. And in this case, you can greatly offend the interlocutor, not wanting it. You can just fleetingly ask the guy how the day passed at work, and then carefully translate the topic.
  10. Cars. Strange isn't it? After all, almost all men love cars. And yet this topic is forbidden at once for several reasons. Firstly, if a guy knows cars well, he will want to demonstrate his knowledge, which is unlikely to be interesting for you. Secondly, if a man has a good and expensive car, in any case he will wish to brag and paint in detail her characteristics, which you will not like either.Thirdly, if the guy has a car, but not the way he would like, then this topic will be unpleasant for him.

Now you know what you can not talk with a man, and can avoid unwanted topics.

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