10 ways to transform a simple white T-shirt

A simple white T-shirt can be a bright and stylish detail of your wardrobe. To do this, you will need sewing supplies, a little effort and, of course, some idea from a dozen wonderful ways to transform a white T-shirt, which we have collected especially for you!

Few things can outperform an ordinary white T-shirt. In addition to it, you just have to wear your favorite jeans and long, bright beads - and you will look great almost anywhere. But when such a rather simple style gets a little bored, you can easily come up with something new and unusual!

We want to bring to your attention 10 ways of cardinal transformation of a simple white T-shirt, which do not require special skills and devices. It will be enough to stock up on clothing, patience and adopt one of these great ideas!

We used the usual white men's T-shirts, but for most of the options, you can take your own old white T-shirt, which is in your wardrobe.

1.Shirtless top

Bright accent is perfect for summer fun days. Multi-colored stripes and open shoulders will quickly make such a T-shirt your favorite summer clothes.

To create such beauty, you first need to cut off the sleeves and the upper part of the shirt. Then cut it from the bottom to get the length that suits you. Next, cut the shirt in half from the front and pick up a piece of fabric that will fit the cut. Then we sew together the three parts. Iron the seams on the top and bottom of the jersey and, turning, sew again to stretch the cord using the good old method with a pin.

2. Girl-doll style

This image certainly looks very romantic and sophisticated. We used a jersey complete with comfortable jeans, but you can easily use this idea to update your summer dress by stitching a transparent fabric to it, gently falling to the floor.

Cut the neck for you. When using a men's jersey, you will probably have to sew it on the sides. Take a transparent fabric (for example, chiffon), and attach it to the bottom of the shirt.Do not forget to make the folds so that the fabric will fall beautifully.

3. Sleeveless hooded sweatshirt

Maybe it's time to upgrade your tracksuit? Take an old jersey and any hooded thing you no longer need to combine them and create this wonderful sporty look.

For our T-shirt, we used an old sweatshirt, in which we cut out a hood, a strip of fabric for drawstring at the bottom and two pieces of fabric on the sides. First, cut off the sleeves and neck, stitch the sides. Sew on dark fabric and hood. All you need to do is hem the undershirt, draw in the lace and everything is ready!

4. Romantic bolero

Such a cute and stylish bolero will make you the most fashionable girl of this summer! Dress it with a little black dress and heels to create a compelling look.

To translate this idea, we cut off about half of the shirt (in the longitudinal direction). Then you need to cut it in half and sew large buttons. Use the remaining excess fabric to make buttonholes.

5. Skull on the back

This crazy carved skull looks great and is very easy to make! Such a shirt will no doubt make you unforgettable and bright.

Here you really do not have to work too hard. Just draw on the fabric of the skull that you want to get in the end, and cut!

6. Top with buttons on the shoulders

Not sure how to make a T-shirt unusual? Simple buttons on the shoulders can be a great option!

We additionally used black fabric to form the top of the shirt, but you can also do something similar without it, using only buttons or a zipper. Shorten your t-shirt at the top and bottom so that it becomes more square. Now you just have to sew on top of the button and hem the bottom.

7. Wool collar

Such an idea can radically transform the look of your T-shirt and make it much more interesting and stylish!

Cut the sleeves of a T-shirt and then around the neckline, attach the scarf as if it were wrapped around your neck. And wear with pleasure!

8. Beach Butterfly

Are you going to go to the beach and want to quickly make some interesting beach jersey? Then scissors to help you! No matter where you travel, you probably won't be hard pressed to find a T-shirt and scissors.Even a pocket knife can successfully do all the work.

Mentally draw a diamond shape in the middle of the back of the T-shirt. Then make cuts diagonally up and down to each corner. Cut out the triangle at the top and bottom, leave the strips of fabric on top to tie a bow, trim the sleeves, and you're done!

9. Neon Heart

Love the neon color, but you want it to look not too bright, but even a little subtle? Make it the bottom layer! Such a T-shirt will be fun to look at a summer festival or a party, and you can make many such T-shirts along with your girlfriends for a bachelorette party.

Cut out the heart shape from the neon color fabric and mentally draw its shape on the front side of the T-shirt. Then take the scissors and cut a lot of small squares on this place. This will give the shirt a peculiar kind of weaving. Then, armed with a sewing machine or just a needle and thread, sew the heart inside the T-shirt. Cut off the extra neon cloth and tie the knot on the side to get the style of the 80s.

10. Refinement by drawing

Finally, you can relax and wear bright, loose-fitting clothes that will look great on warm summer days! This image is perfect for the city and for nature walks.

Find some old t-shirt with a funny print or knitted colored fabric to decorate the front of the jersey. Design your sleeves in such a way that you will get in shape like in t-shirts wrestling with a deep armhole on the back. Then cut a piece from the front of the T-shirt and in its place attach another fabric with a pattern. It remains only to sew a pattern and process the bottom.

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