10 ways to wind your hair

Smooth hair, no matter how elegant it is, sooner or later get bored. And there is a desire to become curly. But this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. After all, it is necessary to choose from a variety of options the one that will give hair in the most favorable light and give the image as a whole a special charm.

Deciding on how to wind the hair, it is worth remembering about the curling. To create a hairstyle presented in the photo, it is necessary to divide the dry hair into a parting, and then twist the strands from the cheekbones. Then you can comb the hair, but - without being carried away, otherwise there will be nothing left of the curls.

To wind hair in this way, you need to use ironing. The strand is first straightened, and then divided into 2 parts, which are intertwined. After that, on an improvised spit, you have to walk through the iron.

Next - options with curlers. Before you twist your hair, you should study the instructions, because, depending on the size of this hairdressing equipment and the size of the strands, the result will be completely different. In general, the bigger the curlers - the bigger and curls.

Many people know about how to wind the hair with a hair dryer. To do this, you need a round brush, which allows you to curl either the ends of the hair, or strands along the entire length.

You can also use a special nozzle, which is called a diffuser.

To create small curls (they are sometimes called "corkscrew", "spiral" and compared with a chemical wave "per hairpin"), you will need to braid the spikelets. Just do it with wet hair.

With the help of a T-shirt, you can easily and painlessly curl your hair for the night.

For reliability curls, you get, you can and should sprinkle with hairspray.

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