100 ideas how to effectively use wallpaper for the kitchen

Photo wallpapers for the kitchen these days are not the old "posters" that many decorated the walls 20-30 years ago. Today, wallpapers can give a special charm to the interior of your kitchen.

If you recall the range of paper wallpapers of the Soviet period, it was dominated by images of coniferous forests, solar glades and exotic waterfalls.

But we want to offer you other ideas of photo wallpapers for the kitchen.

The main theme, which is based on the choice of wallpaper, should preserve the overall interior style of the kitchen.

From these wallpapers you can make and modular pictures that will give a highlight to your interior.

Wall mural can turn your kitchen into a fabulous place.

They can also eliminate the faults of the walls in the kitchen.

Wall mural in the kitchen - field of action for unlimited imagination. You can paste wallpaper on kitchen doors or on individual elements of kitchen furniture. When you get tired of the interior, you can always change the wallpaper to new ones.

You can also make a unique glass apron for the kitchen. Under the kitchen cabinet there are wall murals and then glass.

Glass is better to choose a thin one, since it will best survive the temperature drop.

Such wallpaper can be pokleit and on the ceiling.

Photoprint can also be used on curtains, adding LED lighting.

Unusual decoration of the refrigerator and table.

A green print with wildflowers adds freshness to the kitchen interior.

Edging around the perimeter of the kitchen cabinet will allow wallpaper not to deform at the edges.

Properly selected wallpapers can add a special atmosphere of romance to the kitchen interior.

Photowall-paper in a kitchen interior is a field of action for display of the boundless imagination, creative ideas and revolutionary decisions.

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