100 rubles per day abroad ?! All about the new holiday tax

Find out what this means and when the law comes into force ...

The good news is that the head of Rostourism, Oleg Safonov, did not support the initiative of the deputy of the legislative assembly of the Leningrad Region, Vladimir Petrov, which looks like a real violation of the rights of citizens. On the eve of the people's choice proposed to levy a special fee from those Russians who prefer to relax abroad. According to Petrov, the proceeds in this way will have to be directed to the development of domestic tourism and the creation of infrastructure in domestic resorts.

The parliamentarian also said that he had already sent a corresponding proposal to the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Vladimir Safonov.

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However, the official did not support the idea of ​​the People’s Deputy, saying that he considered it wrong to charge people who go abroad. In addition, Safonov stressed that his department did not receive any initiatives in this regard.“We believe that it is wrong to impose any fees, taxes for traveling abroad,” said Oleg Safonov.

He also drew the attention of lawmakers to the fact that the right of Russian citizens to free movement is enshrined in the Constitution. “Our citizens have the right to rest where they see fit. This right is granted to them by the Constitution. A person can go on vacation abroad and should not pay any fees for it, ”Safonov said in an interview

Meanwhile, a very small number of our fellow citizens can afford to rest abroad. So, according to VTsIOM, in the summer of last year, only 7% of Russians could arrange vacation abroad.

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