17 ingenious hidden systems that will help to hide all the excess and save space in the house

In the new review were collected entertaining things that will allow the most unusual way to modernize their homes. Collected here tips will save a lot of space.

1. A pull-out ironing board

Retractable ironing board under the working surface of the kitchen cabinet.

A retractable folding ironing board hidden under the working surface of the kitchen cabinet will be a real find for owners of small apartments where it is difficult to find a place to store the board in the unfolded state.

2. Pullout drawer with pet bowls

Retractable stage with bowls for a pet.

Special cabinet equipped with a retractable step with compartments for pet bowls. Waiting for guests or cleaning up the house, the step can be pushed in, and the locker itself can be used to store food bags, treats, toys, collars and leashes.

3. Retractable shelves


Kitchen cabinet with sliding shelves.

This simple, at first glance, locker, is distinguished by its special capacity and functionality thanks to sliding shelves, which also provide convenient access to all its contents.

4. Bed with drawers

Bed, equipped with storage boxes.

To save space of a small bedroom and to get additional storage systems, the competently chosen bed will allow. For example, you should pay attention to models with lifting mattresses and spacious boxes that are suitable for storing bed linen, towels and seasonal items, or prefer a bed equipped with drawers that can replace a massive chest of drawers.

5. Flowerbed-container

Flower bed, equipped with a hidden locker.

A charming wooden flower bed with a small hidden cupboard, which is perfect for storing a hose or small garden tools.

6. Disguise dumpster

Container and screen for masking garbage containers.

A wooden container or screen will help to hide unsightly garbage containers and thereby improve the appearance of the local area.

7. Storing paper towels

Hidden storage of a roll of paper towels.

A regular hanging cabinet, equipped with a railing and a narrow hole in the bottom, is perfect for storing and conveniently using a roll of paper towels.Such a storage system will save space on the work surface and protect paper products from dirt and moisture.

8. Decorative cases


Original cases in the form of large and small boulders will help to hide unsightly plumbing, become reliable hiding places for valuables, as well as original elements of landscape design.

9. Cat toilet

Keeping the cat tray in the chest.

A converted chest of drawers with a hinged door will be a great place to store a cat tray and allow you to hide this not very aesthetic item.

10. The screen

Self-made door-screen.

The door-screen, made of wide wooden slats, will help not only to hide electrical wires from prying eyes, counters and electric automatic switches located on the facade, but also to improve the appearance of the house.

11. Retractable table

Kitchen island, equipped with a retractable table.

Kitchen island with a built-in pull-out table that will provide the kitchen with a dining area and an additional working surface.

12. Retractable shelving

Narrow retractable racks.

Small retractable racks, built into the kitchen cabinets, will increase the potential of kitchen furniture and are perfect for storing spices, sauces and cutlery.

13. Boxes in the floor

Built-in boxes.

The podium and floor of the veranda or porch can be equipped with pull-out and built-in boxes that are suitable for storing a wide variety of things, from gardening equipment to expensive equipment.

14. Bath cover

Cover for built-in bath.

A sturdy cover made of wide wooden slats will help to hide the bath built into the floor.

15. Tumba-transformer

Homemade transforming cabinet.

The original cabinet transformer, made of pallets, which, if necessary, turns into a double corner table.

16. Cabinet under the windowsill

Sliding closet under the window sill.

A small retractable cabinet, equipped under the window sill, is a great place to store valuables and documents.

17. Garage for bicycles


A small garage built of wooden slats, with a live lawn growing on its roof - will become a reliable place for storing bicycles and charming backyard decoration.

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