25 stairs that will amaze you with their design

In any townhouse or two-story house you need a ladder. And it does not have to be classical at all. Sometimes it can become the brightest detail of the interior.

Floral style spiral staircase

Each step of such a staircase resembles a petal of a fantastic plant. Flower motifs are best viewed from above.

Extreme staircase outside the room

This staircase does not carry the usual functions, and leads to an open area around the castle tower. Not everyone will decide on such a walk, but it is this structure that makes the structure unique. To go out on such an unsafe balcony you need right out the window.

The ladder combined with a children's hill

A small slide, built next to the ordinary staircase to the second floor, has become a real boon for families with children. Now children can entertain themselves right at home.

Loft style broken stairs

It seems that this design does not belong to our reality.The strict laconic design of the staircase is suitable for a multifunctional apartment, the lower part of which is used as an office. The extraordinary staircase combining simplicity and extravagance reminds a work of modern art.

Skateboard Ladder

Skateboard boards are very durable because they are designed for heavy loads. Boards left untreated to the interior was lighter.

Staircase in the form of a two-colored ribbon

The ladder is made of metal sheet with a thickness of 10 mm. The unusual design allows you to properly redistribute the load on the entire area of ​​the stage. The edge of the ladder is attached to the wall, which makes the structure stable and safe.

Staircase with lace railing

Handrails of the stairs are covered with figured carvings, which gives lightness and airiness to the interior. The original element of the decor are special prisms installed in the windows between the openings, which refract the sun's rays, turning them into iridescent spots on the walls.

Barbie Gallery

In this Shanghai store, a section of doll windows is located around a large spiral staircase.Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy any of the 800 dolls that stand in the window. But in the store there will be something similar.

Scarlet staircase of unusual design

The design of this ladder symbolizes vitality and energy.

Rainbow staircase

Bright colors cheer up every visitor to this building. After a gray crowded street, this design element seems like an oasis of movement, fun and sensuality. Such a bright staircase looks great surrounded by white walls.

Railing in the shape of real trees

These trees are hard to distinguish from real ones, but they are made of metal. The branches are directed towards the upper spans.

Geometric wooden staircase

The staircase in the laconic Swedish style surprises with its unusual shape. Due to the unusual arrangement of steps along it, it is quite easy to ascend, although at first glance this cannot be said. The pattern of wood echoes the pattern of parquet in the room.

Convenient shelves for storage

The space under the stairs can be used wisely. And it is not at all necessary to be limited to a closet in which it does not turn around ... The shelves can be extendable and very comfortable.Now you do not need to look for your belongings in a dark and cramped closet.

Carved staircase with Art Nouveau elements

Steps, made in the floral style, flow into an unusual railing. The whole house is decorated with wooden skirting boards, located at different heights, supporting the staircase style. The combination of bright colors and bright wood look great in a modern interior.

Steps hanging in the air

Black laconic steps mounted directly into the wall. There is nothing superfluous in this design.

Spiral staircase with slide

A slide can be equipped with the most ordinary staircase, made in the classical style. Due to the spiral construction of the stairs, the length of the slide is quite large.

Light staircase with thread

A light staircase decorated with cut circles of different sizes is perfectly combined with bright furniture and accessories. The thread makes a large box of railings light and airy.

Futuristic designer staircase

Steps are held on a frame of unusual shape, which decorate the interior in the style of minimalism.


This staircase has very steep steps, and it looks more like shelves for books or some other furniture.In fact, these are just two staircases, connected in one structure, which allows easy access to the upper floor. There was also a place for books.

Very large library

All the space between the steps is occupied by books. It is quite easy to climb it, except for the risk of being distracted by your favorite novel.

The area of ​​strings

This incredible staircase combines thin railings, piercing spaces and windows of unusual shape. Daylight fills the design, making it seem endless. The steps hanging literally in the air reinforce the incredible impression of the design.

Sculpture of wood and glass

To some, such a staircase resembles the skeleton of a prehistoric animal, to others - a futuristic machine. In any case, it is more like a museum exhibit than an interior element.


Another variation on the bookcase theme. All space is used optimally.

Abstract staircase

This design adorns the building of the National Olympic Committee and symbolizes the dynamics of sports and the pursuit of heights.

Staircase with colored stripes

The staircase of solid wood adorns the design of the spacious hall of the art school. The dynamics of the design is attached to the multicolored stripes that adorn the entire outer surface.

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