30+ Ways to use paint residues wisely

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Do you have paint left over after repair or renovation of furniture? Do not dispose of it, but simply add character to the interior. How? Take a look at the30 ideasthat we've gathered for you.

Remember,that each type of paint is suitable for a particular surface. Remember to check the paint specification.

"And what color should I choose?"- you ask. And this will be done with the right question, since the atmosphere in the room depends on the chosen color. Let's take a look at the basic palettes:

  • Redwill be organic in the living room, as well as in the rooms of people for whom creativity is a way of life.
  • Yellowcolor is optimistic. But a large abundance of yellow can oppress.
  • Bluesoothes, "lulls" with its depth. Blue and its shades carry clean, cold energy - without any impurities of feelings.
  • Greenalmost everyone loves - for a person’s vision, he is comfortable and cannot be bored, as the grass and leaves of plants cannot bother him.

Treat coloring without fanaticismsmile

Bright shades on the wall.

Want to get rid of boring white walls? We suggest adding bright touches to the walls, which will add individuality to the interior. You will also be interested -.

Small Parts.

We love bright colors, but in moderation. In this case, a small amount of paint will be enough to highlight some elements in the interior. You will also be interested -.

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