5 qualities of a successful business woman: the tips of great women

Woman's Day, based on Richard St. John's G-8, talks about how to become a businesswoman.

Once a millionaire and successful business owner Richard St. John wondered: what makes successful people successful? He interviewed 500 of the most successful people, including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, JK Rowling, analyzed hundreds of interviews, biographies and memoirs, and wrote the G8 book. In it, he spoke about the eight main qualities of all the leaders.

How to become a rich and successful woman
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1. Passion

What do you think, what helped JK Rowling - Harry Potter's “mom” - have been writing a novel about a boy wizard for several years, not counting on recognition and money? She had the main job, but in her spare time, being a single mother, she wrote “Harry Potter” with a baby in her arms. Of course, you can try this way only if you love your work.

She later said: “I love writing books.I don’t think that someone is just as enjoying reading them as I do when I create them. ” The most important quality of a successful lady is a passion for what you do. Only when a person is really burning and loves his job, all barriers to a goal become unimportant for him.

It was passion that helped Joan finish the novel and publish it. At first, 12 publishers refused her, but then, when the novel came out, he very quickly made it a multimillionaire.

2. Diligence

Successful ladies work very hard. And we are not talking about the schedule 24 hours a week. For example, the well-known TV presenter and one of the most influential women of the planet, Oprah, says: “I hardly see any daylight. I arrive at work at 5:30 in the morning, when it is still dark, and I leave at 7 or 8 in the evening, when it is already dark. I just move from pavilion to pavilion. ”

Are you ready to live that way to succeed? This is the right question. No self pity. Fortunately, if you love your job, you will not feel like victims at all. You will even be sad that it's Friday.

And here is another good quote from Jessica Switzer, president of the major American telecommunications corporation Switzer Communications, which has branches around the world: “I grew up on a farm. There we worked all the time without stopping.Therefore, I do not think in categories “from 9 to 5”. Life has taught me that work never ends. ”

How to become a rich and successful woman
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3. Purposefulness

Outstanding ladies are not just purposeful. They are obsessed with their goal. They think about it when they walk, when they brush their teeth, when they cook food. Olympic champion Kathy Rigby admitted that during the preparation she was thinking only about the medal: “I was so captured by this process that I constantly thought about the medal. Day after day I visualized that moment when I would perform at the Olympics. I literally had gold in my eyes! ”

And the legendary tennis player Chris Evert, speaking of the secret of her success, says only one word: “Concentration”.

Today, many speak of attention deficit disorder as a disease. In fact, in most cases, ADHD is simply a lack of motivation and interest. And again, it all comes down to the first point - to find your passion.

4. The ability to overcome themselves

If the first barrier leads you astray, then you are unlikely to ever get anywhere. Silken Laumann, world champion in rowing, says that for rowing she has very modest data: average height and average weight.

“I have no outstanding data for this kind of sport. If it were not for my desire to win and the ability to overcome myself, I do not think that I could achieve such heights. In a sense, my data became even an advantage for me, because I always wanted to give my all my best to my opponents. ”

And the owner of the Miss World title, Natalie Glebova, managed to overcome her shyness: “In high school, I was very shy because of my Russian background and accent. Other girls did not love me for it, I was not accepted by the team. I had few friends. ”

5. Creativity

And one more quality is creativity, or the ability to see and create what is not yet. Successful ladies are always very observant and open. They search for ideas literally in everything. For example, there is such a story about the famous host of the television show Martha Stewart. One day, Martha ran into a trade show with Cindy Galbreich, director of TV sales for Ontario. So Martha just peppered her with questions: “Did you buy this? Why didn't you buy it? Why did you decide to buy this item? ”

Be open to the world, and it will give you new ideas.

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