7 tricks, how to fry the perfect potato!

Well, how can you resist the delicious fried potatoes with golden brown?! Everyone loves her, even those who consider this dish harmful and fat) Sometimes you can indulge yourself with such an appetizing, native, favorite dish from childhood ...

That's just not all get to fry potatoes perfectly - it falls apart, turns into porridge, then is overcooked, sticks to the frying pan, burns, it turns dry ...

Today we will tell you a few rules on how to make delicious fried potatoes.


Rule number 1

Potatoes after cleaning and slicing should be soaked in cold water. Water must be cold in order to pull starch from the root. If the water is hot or warm, the starch will remain in the roots, and the ready dish will become more like stewed potatoes. Starch prevents potatoes from browning, so it is necessary to get rid of it by soaking it. The younger the potato, the longer it should be soaked. Best of all, if it takes 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Rule number 2

After soaking the potatoes must be thoroughly dried. It is better if you put the potatoes in a colander, and then dry on a paper towel. The usual linen also will approach. Potatoes must be dry, because excess moisture will prevent the formation of golden brown. Yes, and the contact of water with hot grease can cause stains on your apron or kitchen utensils.


Rule number 3

The frying pan should be hot, and the oil on it is heated. Do not feel sorry for the oil, the potatoes should dive well into it. Do not forget that many favorite French fries are fried in a large amount of boiling oil.

Rule number 4

Salt and add different spices is necessary only after the potatoes are ready. If you salt the potatoes during frying or before it, then it will give away moisture, which will prevent the formation of golden brown. After the potato is ready, put it on the dish with a skimmer, which will allow you to drain the excess oil. Then add salt and spices.

Rule number 5

Never cover the potatoes with a lid during frying. To get a ruddy and crispy potato, you must fry in an open skillet.


Rule number 6

Do not put too much potatoes in a frying pan. Optimal 2-3 layers.Not more.

Rule number 7

Do you want to give the finished potato spicy flavor and taste? Then, before cooking in a hot oil, fry several cloves of garlic. After it gets reddened, remove it and place the potatoes to fry.

If you throw a sprig of rosemary in boiling oil and take it out in a few minutes, then the ready-made potatoes will have a pleasant pine aroma and light taste.

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