A balloon from an old bulb

What do you usually do with a light bulb? Are you taking them to waste, throwing them into garbage? I propose to give a light bulb a second life and, thereby, save nature from superfluous, harmful for it, dirt. Ask how you can still use the light bulb, except for its usual use, especially when it burned out? Now you will find out how! Today I will teach you to create a very beautiful and "light" balloon from a blown old bulb. What you will need for work:
  • A few hanks of yarn different colors. The brighter you pick up the thread, the merrier the balloon will look.
  • The hook for knitting.
  • The scissors.
  • The brown yarn, for the balloon basket.
  • And, in fact, a light bulb, of the classical form.
 Several threads of yarn of different colors
We start knitting from the Amigurumi loop so that there is no hole in the center, but if you want to make the ball more delicate, then you can leave the hole sRecruit six loops.
 We start knitting from Amigurumi loop
We knit the second row of two loops into each column of the bottom row. There should be 12 columns.
 two loops in each column
Now let's start creating a pattern. The third row of knit crochet stitches. We knit a double crochet, type two air loops, skip the two lower bars and repeat the double crochet and air loops. So we knit until the row ends.
 start creating the pattern
Now you can change the thread. Do not cut the green thread, it will still be needed. I knit a simple striped balloon, you can have it at all multicolored. We tie a white thread and knit it in two rows.
 Don't cut the green thread
Now change the thread to green again. White as well as green, do not have to cut. We knit one row of green and the next row again with a pattern of columns with a crochet and air loops.We knit another row of ordinary columns in green and add the white thread again.
 We knit one row with green and the next row

Now that we have reached the widest part of the bulb, it's time to narrow the mating. We begin to gradually reduce the hinges on the same principle as they added. Let's knit two more rows with white and at the end two rows in green.
 Balloon from an old light bulb
We start to knit a basket. We make the bottom of 3-4 rows with an extension from the columns without a crochet. We begin, as usual, with the Amigurumi loop. Next, knit a few rows without additions, until we cover the entire metal base of the bulb. To the bottom of the basket was flat, you can insert a cardboard circle into it or fill it with a padding polyester. Thanks to this trick, the bottom of the knitted basket will not encircle the base of the bulb and will be flat rather than round.
 Balloon from an old light bulb

It turns out that's such a cute balloon.Optionally, you can make slings using ordinary white thread for sewing. Just from the basket to the green part of the ball around the perimeter, make a few strips of white thread, and you will get a good imitation of the lines.
 Balloon from an old light bulb

From such a balloon, you can make a beautiful pendant for interior decoration, an original Christmas-tree decoration, or make a wire stand, for example, and use the balloon as a figurine. So, from the usual light bulb, you can make an original decoration.

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