A cozy decor for your garden: solar-powered lanterns

A garden is not only trees and paths. This garden is created from dozens of little things designed to highlight the beauty of the natural landscape. And the light is of paramount importance. It not only allows you to find a way in the dark stock. Light places accents and creates a special atmosphere. And what if you were told that the lighting on your site will be switched on by itself, and without unnecessary spending on electricity? This opportunity gives solar-powered lamps. They accumulate energy during the day and give it away at night. You will not get lost when you return with a late walk, because you can beep several beacons at once.

Inside each such flashlight is a battery connected to a photocell. It captures the sun's rays, converting them into energy. Most luminaires are equipped with detectors, which translate them into a lighting mode when it's dark outside.

Maximum illumination from such lanterns can be achieved if the lamp receives a sufficient amount of sunlight. If you plan to place them in those places where there is a shadow during the day, choose models with portable solar platforms.

Today, there are many different forms and designs of lamps that work on this principle. Starting from traditional fungi, placed along the tracks, to almost weightless garlands, which can be hung on tree branches.

The intensity of illumination depends on the power of the battery and the size of the light bulbs. Sometimes it may not be a bright light, but only flickering lights on the flowers.

Light lanterns all the paths and stairs, set them in the most beautiful places of the garden to focus on them. The most spectacular flashlights look in unexpected places. Especially where there is no hint of electrical wiring. It seems that they work in a magical way!

Some flashlights are designed specifically for lighting beds. They have special rods that stick into the ground, and they themselves look like colorful flowers.

Projector-type luminaires often come bundled with video surveillance systems, but can also be used as an independent light source.

An indelible impression is produced by the front lighting lanterns. Their rays are directed to a flat surface, and it seems that it is she who shines. These lamps create an extraordinary atmosphere in the evening garden.

The simplest models are not very refined. Nevertheless, they do an excellent job with their primary function.

Luminaires can come in a variety of colors from which incredible combinations can be made.

Romantic garland turned the summer gazebo into a place for a small party.

And even the smallest and simplest flashlight will decorate the courtyard of your site in the dark.

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