A few ideas to make your home a fantastic place.

About these architectural solutions can only dream of. In the classical architecture, most of them simply could not be. But modern building materials provide incredible opportunities for the realization of the most daring fantasies. The only thing that can limit you today is the limits of the construction budget. Although something can be done independently and quite inexpensively.

Cellar in the form of a spiral

Place the foods that you often need on the top shelves. What is needed less often will be at the bottom.

The literal incarnation of the loft bed

In childhood, many dream of their own tree house. Build a real loft for the child, placing a cupboard with books and toys under the bed.

Table for tennis on the front door

Not every apartment boasts a separate sports area. After all, there is a question of lack of space. Go in for sports in two rooms at the same time!

Capsule for work outside the home

The dream of working close to home was an excellent embodiment in this portable office. Here, you will not be disturbed by children and pets. But at lunchtime you can jump into your own kitchen. An important advantage of this office is the opportunity to work in the fresh air.


Storage under the stairs

Storage under the stairs is a traditional solution. But usually this is an uncomfortable dark place where it is very difficult to find something. Make the shelves retractable, and it will become much more convenient to use the shelves.

Billiards on the dining table

Even the most ardent lovers of billiards refuse to complete the table at home, due to lack of free space. Not all family members will accept with understanding to place such a large subject in the house. Another thing - a large dining table, behind which you can gather any company. A favorite game - after a delicious dinner!

Fast descent

Build a real attraction for your kids next to the spiral staircase. Such a slide will enthrall children for a long time, and will allow you to do your own business.

Swing chairs

The biggest disadvantage of a swing in childhood was the line for them.Make a comfortable dining place where everyone can swing! This design also has a disadvantage: it is almost impossible to expel guests ...

A game of shadows

Chandelier of incredible design turns the room into a fairy forest. You can make a similar lamp on your own by gluing it out of fancy-shaped branches.

Aquarium over the bed

The author of this decision, apparently, did not really like to count sheep before bedtime. Instead, he proposed to consider the fish, and not imaginary, but real ones. Feel like a resident of ancient Atlantis or a fabulous mermaid, fall asleep literally under water.


In its sandbox

He who works hard must be able to rest well. Most busy people have to do it at the same time. And if you have not been able to get out with a laptop on the beach, create a beach around you.

Mine under the glass floor

The best thing about this room is the possible reaction of your guests. An unexpected effect will produce not only a real mine, but also its imitation.

Sofa swing

A great alternative to a hammock. Relax in the living room, away from drafts and annoying midges. Make sure you use thick cables and secure fixings!

Glass bath

For those who have nothing to hide. Futuristic design will make the room seem more spacious.

Paradise for cats and their owners

Cats are very fond of walking. And their owners always want to know where their pets are now. This option can be considered an excellent compromise.

Spice Planter

Fresh herbs need any culinary. Grow them right on the wall! This decision will make the air cleaner and cozier interior.

The real pirate's room

One can only dream of such a room. It will be interesting to play in it both for children and adults. Even the cleaning of things will turn into an exciting game with a treasure hunt.

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