A gift for a dog. We sew a house of rags

You will need: patches of cotton fabrics in blue, green and brown gamma -16 squares 23 cm wide, sintepon (200 g / m) - 60 cm with a width of 150 cm, reglin - 1.6 m, thick fabric ( coarse calico, bortovka) for the reverse side, brown coarse calico - 30 cm for edging.

Today we will tell you how to make a house for a dog, but not only pets deserve gifts, do not forget about your favorite children. You can buy a radio-controlled jeep for the boy if you do not have time to create a gift with your own hands.

Assemble the top and sides of the house using a quick assembly technique. This technique is perfect for blankets, and, having sewn a house for your beloved dog, you can proceed to the blanket. So, take 16 squares measuring 23 x 23 cm, fold them into 4 squares. In total, you will have, respectively, 4 piles, in each foot all four squares must be of a different color. Cut 1/3 of the squares (photo 1). Put this part of the upper square down (photo 2). Sew the squares along the cutting line again.Iron seams on one side.

Now all four of the resulting square cut in half perpendicular to the line of the first seam. Move the right half of the upper square down again and turn the entire right foot 180 ° (photo 3). Check that all four colors in the new squares are different. Sew the squares again. Iron seam. So prepare all 16 squares. Align them to a size of 21 x21 cm.

Place a 4x3 block on a plane in a rectangle, roll the blocks, selecting a pattern. Your task is to distribute all colors evenly (photo 4).

Sew the squares into the fabric, on the wrong side along the two central long seams, sew the stripes of regina (photo 5). This must be done so that the roof of the house does not sag and keeps its shape.

From the remaining squares, assemble the two end parts of the house - bring the blocks in strips to a size of 35x35 cm.

Fold the "sandwich": coarse calico for lining, sintepon, patchwork top. The lining and synthetic winterizer should be 2-3 cm larger than the patchwork detail. Pin off all layers, lay out with a straight stitch or loose stitch.Align the details: the size of the top of the house is 80x50 cm, the size of the front sides is 30x30 cm.

In one of the front sides, cut the door - 15 cm in width. Turn over the entrance with a 4 cm wide oblique strip. In the front details, cut off and round the upper corners, mark the middle of the top with a pin. Align the upper middle of the front sides and the main part of the house. Split pins. Sew the end faces to the top, folding the details of the "wrong side to the wrong side." Turn over the seam with a 4 cm wide oblique strip, grabbing both sides of the house: the butt and the top. Also sew the opposite end of the house.

Then trim the entire lower part of the house and turn it around with one oblique strip.

Collect the floor: from the lining coarse sew an envelope 53x31 cm, cut one of the short sides and sew it. Split the upper part of the house with the lower part and sew on three sides (everything except the entrance). Inside the envelope of the floor, insert a piece of "foam" (a tourist carpet 50x30 cm), sew a hole with the seam "forward the needle."

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