A rope of rope and 5 ways to freshen up the interior of your apartment

If you have a coil of rope and some free time, then you have a great opportunity to decorate your house with unusual and unique handmade items. Therefore, today we will tell you about 5 ways to liven up the interior of your home with ordinary rope. Take note!

1. Stand for hot tea

1. Add a drop of glue to the end of the rope and start spinning it with a snail.

2. Each turn must be fixed with hot melt.

3. Secure the end of the rope with hot glue. Done! In the same way, you can make a stand under the hot, just need to take a longer rope.

2. Stylish decorative bucket

You will need:

  • jute and cotton cords of different diameters
  • plastic bucket without handle
  • glue gun or PVA adhesive

1. Twist the jute from a small snail, smearing the end of the rope with glue, and fix in the center of the bottom of the bucket.

2. Add a little glue to the bottom of the bucket and lay the cord with a snail.Circle after circle build up a snail in large rows.

3. When the bottom is completely covered by the cochlea, cut off the end of the jute and add a cord of a different diameter.

4. Start braiding the walls of the bucket, firmly fixing it with glue.

5. You can add a few turns of the rope in a contrasting color.

6. To make the bucket look tidier, process the sides with glue and flakes of smaller diameter.

3. Original pickups for curtains in the form of knots

1. Take a 2.5 meter rope and put on the palm of 3 full circles.

2. Make the fourth circle incomplete.

3. Release your palm and leave the hinges on your index finger.

4. Roll the free edge of the rope back and make 3 turns around the loops.

5. Thread the loose end of the rope through the top loop.

6. Pull the rope through the bottom loop.

7. Continue pulling the rope through both loops alternately.

4. Mirror with starfish

1. Glue the plastic grid to the felt, bending the edges.

2. To the back of the mirror, glue the double-sided adhesive tape and fix it on the grate.

3. Attach a cord to the edges of the mirror.

4. Glue the starfish in a chaotic manner. If desired, the rope can be painted with conventional paints.

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