A simple thermal power station with your own hands

Details of a thermal power plant

Making a heat generator with your own hands

The first thing to do is find a tin can. Cut off the bottom of it and drill multiple small holes along the entire side surface. Large holes should not be done, otherwise in windy weather the fire will go out from the strong wind.
A simple heat and power generator with your own hands
Then, cut the window for the candle at the bottom of the can with metal scissors.
A simple thermal power plant with their own hands
A simple thermal power plant with your own hands
Be sure to trim the sharp edges with a file or file after the segments.
A simple heat generator with their own hands
Here is the very heart of a heat generator - the Peltier element. It will produce a current when the temperature difference of its surfaces.That is, we will heat one side with a candle and cool the other with a radiator from a computer.
Peltier element
To ensure reliable heat transfer to the Peltier element, apply heat-conducting ointment on its sides.
A simple heat and power generator with your own hands
We apply a thin layer on one side.
A simple heat and power generator with your own hands
We attach to the bank.
A simple thermal power generator with your own hands
Smear the second side
A simple heat generator with their own hands
To prevent the wires from floating on a hot can, during the period of operation, you must wear fiberglass tube sections - cambric.
Simple thermoelectric generator with their own hands
And from above we install the heat sink from the computer processor. There will be no cooler from the top, everything will cool naturally. Especially in nature, a small breeze will make itsbusiness. Simple thermoelectric generator with one's own hands
The Peltier element does not produce a large voltage, about a volt, but it has enough current for our purposes. Therefore, in order to exchange the values ​​for the ones we need, we will use a boost converter that will increase and stabilize the output voltage to 5 V. Simple heat generator with our own hands Soldering the output of the element to the input of the converter. Simple thermoelectric generator with your own hands There is already a USB outlet on the output of the converter, so you do not need to solder anything.

Checking the heat generator

Lighting candle. We put it into our reactor)). Checking the heat generator Trying to charge a mobile phone. After a few seconds, the voltage reached the level.
Checking the heat generator
And the phone started charging.
Checking the heat generator
A thermal power station does an excellent job with its business - generating electricity.
Thermal Generator
If you wish, you can add a fan by connecting it to the output of the converter. Five volts will be enough to unwind and a twelve volt cooler. For reliability, a jar with a radiator can be stapled together with thin wire or thin long bolts, pre-drilled holes both there and there.


Here we often turn off the light at home. And when this happens, I take out the heat generator. He gives electricity and candlelight, killing two birds with one stone. Well, if the light is not enough to USB, you can connect a mini LED lamp. It is also good that this device is always ready for work, and therefore, there can be no unexpected trouble.

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