An old shirt is transformed into an elegant blouse. Make only a few stitches

Shirt - one of the main elements of the men's wardrobe. Some shirts become small, others just bother. There is a great idea of ​​what can be done with unnecessary clothes. Take the scissors, ruler and needle and thread, in an hour or even earlier you will have an original summer blouse!

Sometimes it is enough to cut off all unnecessary.

The easiest way to transform a thing is to remove individual parts. Collar and cuffs lend to the shirt austerity. If you remove them, you get a more informal thing with a completely different mood.

For the project will need:

To begin, mark the line of the future neck with chalk. If you are not sure, you can draw a pattern on paper in advance or use a different thing with the neck of the shape that you like, as a sample. Cut off the collar with a part of the neck to form the desired shape.Type in a cutout blouse and sleeves.

At the shoulder seams, sew a decorative braid, it will give your new alongside a zest. You can replace the ribbon with lace.

You can use other forms of cuts. Choose the ones that fit your face shape. The decor can be sewn in another place, for example along the fastener.

Sometimes just enough to cut off the collar.

A cutout in the form of a boat will make the thing very feminine and elegant.

Blouse on assembly

An elegant blouse lowered over the shoulders is also quite easy to sew. It is perfect for relaxing in hot weather. It is better to use for this project a men's shirt or one that is several sizes larger than yours.

For the project will need:

  • Wide shirt;
  • needle, thread, machine;
  • sharp scissors;
  • wide elastic band;
  • pins

Connect a straight line midway armholes. Along this line, you will need to cut off the upper part, adding allowances for the seam.

In the same way, cut off the top on the back of the shirt.

Attach the elastic to the top edge, noting the required length of the drawstring. Stitch the waistband by setting the longest stitch length. It is important to make one flat seam without gaps along the entire length.For convenience, the fold of the fabric should be secured with pins. Pull the thread so that the drawstring climbs a bit (you can skip this step).

Attach a paper clip or a safety pin to the edge of the elastic to put it in the drawstring. Fasten the edges with a hand stitch on the seamy side.

Process the bottom of the sleeves in the same way. There will also be gum. The bottom can be left free.

A loose blouse with open shoulders is ready!

If you have a very long shirt, you can sew a short dress.

Perfectly such models look and with short sleeves.

Blouses with flounces

This style will suit the most romantic ladies. The shuttlecock completely changes the style of a strict men's shirt. You can sew a shuttlecock only on the shelf, or put it around the whole shirt. You can sew several flounces at once.

For the project will need:

  • Men's or women's shirt;
  • thread, needle, machine;
  • scissors, pins;
  • iron;
  • a piece of chalk

Properly straighten the shirt and iron the back and the shelf. The lower part should be cut to carve out from her shuttlecock.

Trim the bottom of the blouse on the machine, securing the edges with pins.

From the bottom, cut a rectangle, removing all horizontal seams. To make the parts smooth, connect the two halves with pins.

Process the lower part of the shuttlecock lining seam. Top handle stitching zigzag. Next, take a shuttlecock along the top edge. Chalk put on the shirt junction with the shuttlecock.

It remains only to sew the resulting decor.

Romantic flounces play excellently on the contrast with the strict colors.

If you want to visually stretch the silhouette, sew a shuttlecock along the clasp.

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