Shema by Anna Brooks (Shema Yisrael)

Anna Brooks

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Anna Brooks is an award-winning Canadian journalist. Now working in New York as a health and science reporter, her areas of focus are on mental health, animal welfare, and the health issues facing vulnerable communities. Feature writing and video storytelling are her passions, and she’s received national acclaim for multimedia projects like "Into the Shadows", an inside look into the sex trade industry in Alberta. Starting her career at a small town paper in Canada, the pursuit of a good story has pulled her overseas to India, Thailand, and Africa where she’s worked as a freelance writer and photographer. During her undergraduate degree, she wrote a book of creative nonfiction called "Nothing but Sky," which follows a young man’s harrowing experience working on the oil rigs in Alberta. After getting her degree in journalism, she moved on to life as a breaking news reporter where she eagerly took on anything health and science related. Some of her favorite stories include her investigation of the mistreatment of horses shipped from Canada to Japan for slaughter published in VICE, and a profile of naturalist Charlie Russell, who lived with grizzly bears for 13 years in Siberia. She has also worked as a creative content producer, videographer and was the managing editor of a culinary magazine in Calgary. Anna moved to New York in 2019 to pursue a Masters in journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Her spare time was spent covering housing and environmental issues for the Mott Haven Herald newspaper in the Bronx, and producing video stories like The Man Who Lives with 300 Cats. She has been published in Popular Science, VICE’s health vertical Tonic, and the National Post. When she’s not reporting, you can usually find Brooks immersed in a book or hanging out with her two rescue greyhounds, Sully and Fedo, and her tortoise, Linus.

Video: Anna Brooks (Saxophonist) - 'How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You' (version 2)

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