Arch of the balloons with their own hands

Arch of the balloons with their own handsMulticolored balloons will help make any celebration even more festive and fun. Despite the simplicity of the balls, you can create truly amazing decorations. Such products accurately diversify children's matinee, wedding or corporate event. In addition, this creative way of decoration does not require a large expenditure of funds, which is doubly pleasant and convenient.

Now there are many companies that are engaged in the manufacture of air masterpieces, but you can also make the decoration of balloons with your own hands. This is a very exciting experience, and the result will surely please you. The following is a detailed description of how to make an arch of balls. Photoinstrument will help you to understand the process in detail.

How to make an arch of the balls at home?

Arches are versatile decorations for banquets, especially suitable for weddings. They can be completely different: from colors, ribbons, fabrics and balls. The air arch will bring lightness and romance to the celebration.

First we will explain how to make a frame for the arch of balls. To do this you will need:

  • two metal pipes with a length of one and a half meters. For diameter, 26 mm is sufficient;
  • four metal-plastic pipes 3 and 0.75 meters long with a diameter of 16 mm;
  • three-meter metal-plastic pipe (diameter 16 mm).


  1. Bend short pipes so that legs for an arch have turned out. Look at the photo below. Next, tie the resulting legs with tape to the racks. If you do not need to carry the arch from one place to another, then the arc can be immediately fixed on the racks.
  2. To make the frame heavier, attach to the legs a few balls filled with water. Pre-tie them well and tape with tape.

Arch of the balloons with their own handsThe frame is ready, you can go to the decoration. You need to prepare in advance:

  • balloons of any color;
  • cardboard box with round holes (one is 15 cm and the other is 21 cm);
  • tape.

The box is needed to compare the size of the inflatable balls. So much easier to make them the same and neat.

Arch from balloons without helium: master class

So, we proceed to our main task.

  1. Inflate five 21 cm solid balloons and one 15 cm balloon in any other color.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  2. Connect the balls with tape so that the little is in the middle. You should have a flower.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  3. Then again inflate the balls (five pieces) of the same color as the past. The core is not needed. Attach the balls and attach to the back of our flower. This technique will make it even more voluminous.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  4. Put the flower on the arch, just passing it through the tube.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  5. Then we form flowers according to the principle described above. Choose colors according to your taste. Put each flower on the arch as tightly as possible to each other to impart stability to the overall structure.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  6. To fill the resulting gaps at the bottom of the rack, make flowers from four “petals” (21 cm) and attach to it.
  7. The final touch is to give the arch a final shape. Well straighten the air flowers so that they are placed on a single plane.

Arch of the balloons with their own handsNote: the arch can be made using a fishing line instead of a pipe. To do this, stretch a piece of fishing line of the desired size between two chairs or other objects (for example, columns) and secure. Then put the figurines on her.The thickness of the line on the arch should not exceed 0.8 mm.

How to make a decoration from long balls?

All of us, at least once in our lives, have seen how cleverly circus actors twist merry figures from balloons. To do this, they should not be simple, but long. Today we will tell how to make a beautiful flower.

You will need:

  • pump;
  • green ball for the stem and any other for the bud.
  1. Inflate the balloon with a pump and tie a knot at the end. Tie both ends tightly and fold in half. Twist in the middle twice.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  2. As in the photo, divide into three pieces and twist both ends.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  3. Fold the resulting accordion figure and in the center scroll. Petals are ready.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  4. Now we need a stalk. Inflate the green ball, but not to the end. Approximately ten centimeters from the node scroll through it.Arch of the balloons with their own hands
  5. Insert the stem into the bud and make the leaves. The flower is ready!Arch of the balloons with their own hands

We wish you creative success and interesting ideas!

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