Beautiful jars for the kitchen

How often are we, the hostess, in the kitchen? Probably most of the daylight hours. And it is not the dawn that the kitchen is the face of the hostess. Of course, I want that this “face” was as beautiful as possible. Therefore, I want to share with you the experience of pointing beauty on the shelves acquired by me. I, for sure, like each of you, have gathered a lot of jars in the kitchen: for spices and cereals, pasta and flour, etc. And everything is nothing, but they are too different and multi-colored, I, as a creative person, absolutely did not like it. And I decided to change everyday, practical things to elegant decorations, pleasing the eye of me and bringing my guests to full delight. In the design of jars there is nothing difficult or financially costly, in the course will go all that is at hand. And so, as I did it! Materials: - Bank, - PVA glue, - mother-of-pearl paints (borrowed from the daughter from the makeup kit of dolls), - eggshell, - gouache, acrylic lacquer, - sackcloth, - lace. First you need to thoroughly wash and dry the jar. Then go through the sanding paper "nulevy" and degrease with alcohol.
walk through sandpaper
Choose a picture: you can print on the printer, or cut from a decorative napkin, I had a page from the book. Next, we proceed to gluing the picture with the decoupage technique. If you have not heard this before, incomprehensible, at first glance, words - do not be alarmed, because this technique lends itself even to little children. First you need to cover the surface (the size of the picture) with the ground. In any master class, you will see that you need to use acrylic paints, but we are creating a budget option, so I used gouache. After prokraski give dry. And then it is even simpler - we apply our drawing and thoroughly, from the heart, we glue it with glue.
attach our drawing
Here’s what happened:
set to dry
We put our jar to dry, and in the meantime prepare the egg shells (dried). We paint it in black and also send it to dry.  We paint in black
While we were painting eggs, our jar had time to dry up and we again undertake for her.Pearlescent colors paint our jar completely (except for the picture) and let it dry.
 paint with pearlescent colors
Cover the surface with PVA glue and glue the broken eggshell.
paste polyline
Here's a semi-finished product we get:  glue the broken eggshell Then pour the PVA glue, add pearl and brown paint to it, mix well.
 pour PVA glue And with the help of a kitchen sponge we put on the whole surface of the jar (including the picture).  apply to the entire surface of the can
Dry sponge remove excess paint, and brush with yellow paint pass chaotic strokes on the pattern.  remove excess paint After the drawing dries , sandpaper "zero" about tis for the "aging" of the picture. Next, decorate the cover, burlap and lace.We put on the shelf, admire and brag to the guests.
 Beautiful jars for the kitchen
Still, as an option, jars did such:
Beautiful kitchen jars
Imagine, create and surprise yourself and others. Good luck!

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