Beautiful volumetric "braided" scarf

A simple and warm scarf, knitted with a bangle of melange yarn, will warm you or your loved ones in cold weather. This model is able to become the main focus of a stylish image, not just a complementary accessory.

The size:177.5 x 15 cm

To knit a scarf, you will need:3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock (40% lambswool, 25% silk, 25% nylon, 10% mohair; 300 m / 100 g); needles 4 mm.

Knitting density:33 loops and 16 rows = 10 cm twisted pattern.

Twisted volume pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 8 plus 2 loops).

1st row: 4 persons, [turn, 1 p. Remove as purl, 3 ws, turn, 4 persons] knit 7 times, [8 persons, * rotate, 1 n. Remove as purl, 5 ws, turn, 1 n. remove as purse, 5 persons; repeat from * 6 more times] knit 5 times, then 6 persons, [turn, 4 ws, turn, 1 p. remove as purl, 3 persons] knit 7 times.

2nd row: purl loops.

3rd row: facial loops.

4th row: purl loops.

5th row (BOS): [8 persons, * turn, 1 p. Remove as purl, 5 out, turn, 1 p. Remove as purse, 5 persons; repeat from * 6 more times] knit 6 times, 2 faces.

6-8 rows: repeat 2-4 rows.

Repeat 1-8 rows of the pattern.

To knit a scarf, take 50 loops and knit the main pattern with 177.5 cm.Finish in the third row of the pattern.

Close all the loops.

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