A bed of birch logs

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Outside the window, the temperature rises and you can slowly begin to repair or update your home interior. Today wewill build something fashionable, brutal-rustic, very unusual and environmentally friendly - a lounge chair made of birch logs.

In Europe, even rich interiors rarely do without rough, unstructured beams, coffee tables made of slatted fruit crates, raw stone and non-plastered walls. People just got tired of monotony, "slimming", I want to play, create a house with my own hands, as in childhood. Why don't we allow ourselves creativity, which is both joy and benefit?

What do we need?

  • birch logs: 10 pieces, 15 cm in diameter for the base and 6 pieces, 7 - 8 cm in diameter for the backrest;
  • drill or screwdriver;
  • a long drill with a diameter of 6 mm and a drill bit with a diameter of 30 mm;
  • screws 21, 5 cm; 15 cm; 9 cm;
  • brackets or steel plates to reinforce the mount.

How to make a plank bed of birch logs:

First, on the floor, using colored tape, create a bending line for the future seat. Along this line we will collect logs and connect them.

We drill three holes in the logs - first with a feather and then a long one. Put the logs along the contour of the tape and join the screws. When all the logs are connected - the frame of the chair is ready! We reinforce the construction with metal plates.

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