Brooke Shields has created a cosmetic collection for M.A.C.

A professional brand never ceases to amaze us with various collaborations.

This time the joint collection with M.A.C. created the American actress and supermodel Brooke Shields. The star spoke about how she took out her cosmetic bag and thought for a long time what she liked in each tool, eventually choosing two concepts that turned out to be close to her. One line should be created for day and fresh makeup, and the second for an evening seductive image with an emphasis on eye makeup.

James Gager, senior vice president and creative director of M.A.C., said that in Brooke he was fascinated by ageless beauty. A woman skillfully combines the role of an actress, a model, and most importantly - a mother.

In the collection called Icon, which will be presented in October, the first place is occupied by a palette of shadows, which consists of 16 colors of different shades and textures. There will also be items such as a pencil, eyebrow styling, lipstick, gloss, bronzer, blusher, mascara and nail polishes.

All products of the collection are presented in an unusual color: in general there is no black shade not in one box and bottle. All products are packaged in a gray-orange gamut.

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