Can hypnosis help to grow thin?

I want to lose weight, but it only succeeds in the best moments of my life - caring for a seriously ill relative, for example. And in the best years I add 5 kg a year and have already reached 125 kg with height of 178. What should I do? I tried all possible diets, I do it regularly in the gym, swim, take metformin and other supplements.


victorc1963 Good evening!

Yes, hypnosis helps very well in normalizing weight (and not only, hypnosis helps in almost everything!), That is, in losing weight or in weight, in which a person is most comfortable to live and feel happy and enjoy every day !;)

But besides hypnotic techniques, I would recommend you more special techniques for performing yourself in combination with hypnosis, so that the effect would be stunning and amazing!

Thanks for the question!)


Nothing and no one will ever help / except solely by your will. Well, hypnosis will give / does not solve the problem. And the doctor / what can / digging in consciousness / in your psyche / can only upset the natural balance of stable forces. Yes, and shameful / disgusting / to expose its essence / what should always be hidden.If there is no willpower / it is not necessary then to seek a panacea / doctors / this is money / falsehood and deception / the main incentive here / is yourself /

I completely agree with you. As long as you don’t decide for yourself that you need it, nothing will help

a guest20.06.17 21:16

But I do not agree, one can unsuccessfully engage in self-digging all his life, and spend time and energy, and one can find a specialist who has devoted his life to studying such problems and who can help. You need to try everything until the result appears. A competent psychologist - as a competent doctor, you can of course self-medicate, but will there be a result?

You know, I was helped by the federal program Healthy Nutrition - the health of the nation. There are 5 types of programs that help to normalize metabolic processes and not only.

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