Candy bouquet


Bouquet for a man“ Beer happiness ”

Bouquet for beer beer happiness for men

Instead of primitive roses and carnations, it is recommended that all men receive a bouquet of sausages, cheeses, beer and vegetables for a gift. He will amaze the imagination. Such a delicacy will cost about $ 20 in cost, if you choose really
Sweet basket

Sweet Basket

Today, delicious baskets at the peak of popularity. They can be filled with fruits or vegetables, sausages or cheeses, sweets and other sweets. Such a gift is selected taking into account the taste preferences of the addressee, but there are some regularities.
A bouquet of candies in the shape of a heart

Bunch of heart shaped chocolates

A box of chocolates has long become a classic gift. But if we are talking about a special recipient, sweets can be presented in a more beautiful package. A bouquet of heart-shaped chocolates is a surprisingly beautiful and romantic gift. Such a
A bouquet of sweets from paper napkins

A bunch of paper napkin candies

A bouquet of chocolates is a wonderful gift, it's a real surprise, which will always be unique. It can be given for a birthday, March 8 or any other holiday. Today I want to offer to make a bouquet of candy with colored
Candy Cake

Candy Cake

Cake has always been the main attribute of any holiday, be it a wedding, birthday of a child or an elderly person, name day or tea party. Without cake and fun is not fun, and the feast is not a feast. A delicious sweet treat everyone waits at the end
A bouquet of flowers from candies

Bouquet of candy flowers

To please your sweets with your favorite candies, you can originally present them in the form of a beautifully designed bouquet of flowers, where sweets will be cleverly disguised in petals made of corrugated paper. Such a bouquet is quite simple in
A small bouquet of sweets, crocuses made of corrugated paper

A small bouquet of sweets, crocuses made of corrugated paper

A miniature bouquet of sweets - a small prank and chocolate compliment as a gift at the same time. A small but pleasant surprise can please and surprise. And you can do it yourself. In principle, great difficulty in making candy
A bouquet of candies

Bouquet of chocolates "Yellow roses" in the basket

Candy bouquets have long ceased to be a new and unusual gift.More and more often, instead of fresh flowers, you can get a basket with wonderful homemade compositions and your favorite candies inside each flower. I offer an uncomplicated master-class on

Composition “Candy Flowers Basket”

Flowers were always a pleasant gift for a woman for any holiday. But it is a pity when the moment comes that the beautiful and fragrant flowers fade. And it turns out that we are throwing away a gift that was presented to us with a soul. I offer you
Candy basket

Candy basket

Candy basket will be a great gift for a loved one. Flowers will never fade, and the sweet contents can be eaten. The usual bouquet will quickly fade and will not leave memories about itself, and the composition in the technique of the suites will please the design for a long time
Bouquet of chocolates

Candy Bouquet

It is rather difficult to surprise relatives with a gift. So many interesting and useful gizmos presented on the shelves of the Internet and simple stores. But there is one that, with proper execution, will delight the bestowed. Such a present is a bouquet of
Sweet bouquet of tulips

Sweet bouquet of tulips

Red tulips - spring flowers that symbolize true love. To present a composition of such colors made by own hands is the best way to admit it. For production you will need: • red, light purple and green corrugated paper;
Bouquet of sweets

Bouquet of sweets "SweetLife"

Good afternoon everyone! What makes most women and girls uplifting? Of course, this candy and bouquets. Today I want to share with you my experience and teach you to make as easy as bouquets of sweets. All this can be combined and donated just like that,
Spring tulips - a bouquet of sweets

Spring Tulips - Candy Bouquet

Good afternoon everyone! I watched a lot of different works on the Internet - bouquets of sweets and I also wanted to learn how to do this beauty with my own hands. But it's better to start learning with light works. I want to share with you my experience in making such a
Bunch of chocolate and sweets

Bouquet of chocolate and sweets

When choosing a gift for any holiday, you always want it to be unusual, but preferably inexpensive. We offer to surprise the culprit of the celebration with such an original bouquet of chocolate and sweets in the form of a piece of cake.
Sweet wedding gift
20 186

Sweet gift for the wedding

Wedding celebrations can not be imagined without the magnificent flowers and mementoes that guests present to the newlyweds. Reflecting on the trip to the wedding of people very close to me, I wanted to make an original gift with my own hands. Very
Bouquet of roses from candies and specks paper

Bouquet of roses from candy and paper mats

There is no such person who would not like sweets. Almost every holiday gift is complemented by the recipient’s favorite candies. But to give them in the usual packaging is too trite, and buying in an exclusive one is expensive. Today I will tell you how
A bunch of chocolates with your own hands
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A bunch of chocolates

For lovers of sweets and flowers a bouquet of sweets will be an excellent gift. It is necessary to show a little imagination and diligence, and you can please your loved ones with such an unusual and pleasant gift.

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