Cardigans are fashionable.

Is it possible to replenish your wardrobe with basic items of clothing through an online store, choosing exactly what you need by color, style and size? Yes, if it is

Any “Unique” is a sample of good taste and refinement. There you can buy any thing for a basic wardrobe. And with what to wear it, you can "spy" in the section with lookbooks. Today we will talk about cardigans.

The current fashion is built on comfortable and simple images for everyday life, so in the wardrobe of every fashionista there must be a knitted sweater with or without a clasp. The cardigan will make an excellent competition for jackets, jackets, cloaks and jackets. This is an indispensable thing that is unlikely to spoil the fashionable bow.

Before you buy a stylish cardigan, you must decide on its style and colors.

Styles and colors

Now three current versions are in fashion:

  • mid thigh
  • shortened to the waist,
  • up to the knee
  • long options below the knees.

Fashionable cardigans can be with a zipper (buttons, zipper, hidden buttons) or without it. There are options with a hood, tied to the belt, which resemble a robe.

At the peak of popularity this season, a large mating and variety of colors.A gray cardigan is a constant must-have. Also relevant are bright cardigans of red, blue, beige, and black, as well as all sorts of shades of yellow, brown, lilac, coral. More designers offer to look at the cardigans of pastel and gradient shades.

What to wear?

You can wear a cardigan with anything. The product looks win-win with a dress, skirt, dress pants, stylish jeans. Under it you can wear blouses, shirts, t-shirts, long sleeves, various tops.

A large-knit cardigan can be the basis of a romantic look, if you combine it with a light chiffon dress. Openwork product is suitable for warm weather. Thin knitwear can be worn regardless of the season. In warm weather, such a wardrobe item can be thrown over a light dress or a sundress, and in cold weather - it will complement the multi-layered image.

You can diversify the fashionable appearance by adding a hat, for example, a knitted hat or a wide-brimmed hat.

It should be noted that any cardigan visually makes a woman slimmer. With it, you can adjust the shape, hiding flaws.For example, to emphasize the waistline, you need to fasten buttons only in the abdomen. Voluminous hips can be hidden under a light-colored cardigan with drapery or volumetric details at the top of the product.

Cardigan coat

Highly insulated models that can be worn as a coat are very relevant in the new season. They are made from wool material. Some brands offer models from tweed, mohair, and cashmere. On the website of the online store “Unique” you can find soft warm products of dense knit from angora, which you can safely wear in cold weather instead of a coat. They create a truly airy and feminine image.

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