Channing Tatum divorces his wife after 12 years of relationship

Channing Tatum and Jenna Devon Tatum for many years remained an example for couples all over the world. Their love, care and passion were visible to the naked eye. Today, the world was shocked by the official statement of the actors of parting.
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“Hey world! So ... We have something that we would like to share. Firstly, it seems strange that we should share such things with everyone, but this is part of the life we ​​have chosen, for which we are also very grateful. We live in an amazing time, but it is also a time when the truth can be easily distorted, so we want to share the truth so you know. We decided to break up. We loved each other very much many years ago and together we made just a magical journey. And we still love each other, but love is a wonderful adventure that leads us along different roads. There are no secrets or obscene events behind our decision - just the two best friends understand that the time has come to help each other live a happy, fulfilling life.We are still family and will always be faithful parents for Everly. We do not want to comment on this in any way and thank you for respecting our personal life. We love you all, ”the former lovers wrote.

Photo: shot from the movie "Step Forward"

The first spark ran between the actors in 2016 during the filming of the dance step "Step Forward". Their final sensual dance in this film for 12 years has already become a real classic, and the hot couple gained millions of fans. They got married 3 years after they met, and in 2013 their daughter Everly was born.

Photo: shot from the movie "Step Forward"
Photo: shot from the movie "Step Forward"
Photo: shot from the movie "Step Forward"

Neither the fans, nor even the media, doubted the sincerity of Channing and Jenna’s feelings. Tatum always frankly spoke of his feelings for his wife, and Devon literally glowed with happiness in every photograph that fell into the gossip in the arms of her husband. Alas, but 2018 will go down in history as the year of the collapse of one of the most beautiful and strongest couples in Hollywood.

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