Cheek coat without sleeves. Some useful tips

The prototype of the cap, which has become a real trend of the season, can be considered cloaks of medieval knights. They invented a special type of cape with a slit for the hands. The second bright appearance of Cape happened in the early nineteenth century, when the coat was a familiar part of the male costume. Today, capes offer to wear ladies of all ages, in combination with clothes of different styles.

Cape + Denim

The image from the cafe, which is more of a classic style, and democratic jeans looks fresh and interesting. Jeans balance the image, giving it dynamism.

Cape + skirt or dress

In order not to make a mistake, making up your image, wear a cake with skirts and dresses, just like an ordinary coat. It is better to match the length of the skirt with a long cap or even be slightly longer.

Cape + trousers

With trousers, the cap looks almost as safe as it would with jeans. The simplest solution is to choose slim models.Wide trousers in combination with Cape will look good on a tall and slim figure. You can go for a little trick and choose both things in black to visually stretch the silhouette.

What shoes to pick up to cap?

In the case when you want to stretch the silhouette and make it more strict, combine the cape with shoes or ankle boots on the heel. However, bows with coarse boots and shoes on a flat course are completely organic.

How to choose accessories under the cap

The main feature of the cape is the absence of sleeves. This thing will be perfectly combined with long gloves. As a headdress for tall ladies, we can recommend a hat with wide brim. Holders of short stature is better to prefer the current takes.

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