Cheese sandwich with ladybug

Cheese sandwich with ladybug- a recipe.


  1. loaf of white bread;
  2. cheese;
  3. mayonnaise
  4. garlic;
  5. cherry tomatoes;
  6. Olives.


Cut the bread. You can fry it, then the sandwiches will be even tastier.

Cooking pasta: rub cheese with garlic on a fine grater, add mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. We spread the obtained mass on the bread in an even layer.

We decorate: we cut the cherry in half, we cut the olive into 4 parts, we cut a few olives into crumb. On a sandwich lay out a tomato, put the head. On the body we make dots of olives crumb, and on the head we draw eyes from mayonnaise using a toothpick.

All,Cheese sandwich with ladybugis ready.

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