Chicken Salad with Chinese Cabbage Recipe

Chicken salads can be seen on both everyday and holiday table. Poultry meat is perfectly combined with other products, which opens up a lot of room for imagination. Recently, salads with chicken and Peking cabbage have become popular, giving the dish spring notes, despite the year-round availability.
Chicken Salads
Salads with Chicken and Peking Cabbage
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The main thing - tenderness

For a delicate salad, you will need: - chicken fillet - 300 g - Peking (Chinese) cabbage - 6–7 leaves - hard cheese - 150–200 g - half a lemon juice, salt, black pepper, mayonnaise to taste

This chicken salad is distinguished by its simplicity and taste. It is especially good in the period after the holidays, when the body is tired of heavy fatty foods. To begin with, boil the chicken fillet for about 30–40 minutes in a small amount of water if you are not going to use broth in the future. Be sure to salt the meat during the cooking process to make it taste brighter.Cool the fillet and cut it into small pieces. To make the salad even more tender, you can manually disassemble the meat into fibers, but this will require more time.

While the fillet is boiled, you can do other products. Hard cheese rub on a coarse grater. To make it easier, the surface of the grater can be pre-lubricated with vegetable oil. Peking cabbage leaves should be carefully washed and cut into narrow strips or, if the cabbage is young, finely pick up the leaves.

For dressing, mix mayonnaise, seasonings and lemon juice in a separate cup. To make the salad spicy, you can add a little grain or other unsharp mustard. Combine chicken, cheese and cabbage in a salad bowl, pour the resulting dressing and gently mix. Leave the salad for a while to soak.

Smoked chicken meat can also be used in a salad. It will give an unusual flavor and make the dish more elegant.

The bigger, the better

- Canned corn - crackers - fresh tomatoes - fresh or pickled cucumbers - sweet pepper - pineapple, canned - apple

In the salad of chicken and Peking cabbage, you can safely make changes to your own taste.If you add homemade or purchased croutons from white bread, it will look like a fashionable Caesar, only in a more budget version. Combining the salad with sweet corn, you can get a fresh rich flavor.

Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers are good in the summer, when they contain the most vitamins. But diced apple or pickled cucumber perfectly complement the salad in the winter, when you want so much either sweet or salty. Canned pineapple will give the dish an exotic flavor and will certainly attract the attention of guests on the holiday table.

To reduce the calorie content of the salad, instead of mayonnaise, use natural yogurt

Tasty utility

For those who do not count calories, it may be advisable to use not fillets, but meat from other parts of the chicken. So the salad will become not only richer, but also a bit cheaper. Use products for the season. Chicken and Chinese cabbage are sold in stores all year round, but fresh vegetables are better to add in the summer.

Do not regret your favorite greens for decorating the salad: even a small sprig of parsley will make it much more appetizing.Experiment: add olives to the dish, try replacing ordinary cheese with sausage. Sprinkle the salad with chopped walnuts or seeds, and your household will certainly say thank you.

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