Children's convertible sandbox

The summer cottage ideal for a small child is games, fresh air, a river or a swimming pool and a sandbox. A country sandbox with a hinged lid and a bench is the most practical variant of a sandy play area for summer cottage. By blocking access to sand for cats and dogs, this design provides the kid with more comfort and opportunities during the games. Making a sandbox for a child with the hands is easy to do.
 Children's sandbox convertible
To save such valuable time in the summer, you need to prepare for work in advance by purchasing boards for the side walls and covers, timber, special canvas for the bottom, door hinges and handles, as well as screws or screws, necessary for the assembly of the structure. You can purchase all of these items in the hypermarket of building products. Here you can also cut boards and timber into sections of the required length. The first stage of assembly is assembly of boards fastened to each other with pieces of timber and screws,sandbox box.
 Children's convertible sandbox
The bottom of the sandbox is made of special breathing fabric or agrofabric, which is attached to the bottom of the box with construction stipler.
Children's sandbox with a convertible
The cover of the sandbox is mounted from four segments: two neodon fixed on the box and two more, fastened to each other by door hinges Fixed parts of the roof serve as a stop for the lid closed and the base for the bench seat when the sandbox is open.
 Children's sandbox convertible
The stitched to one of the movable parts of the beam keep the back of the bench in the open position and serve as fastenings for door handles used to lift the sandbox cover.
Children's convertible sandbox
To protect against moisture and temperature fluctuations, the finished sandbox is covered with a special water repellent, solution or paint oil paint.

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