Watch with a Goat

Meet the Patroness of 2015 - Wooden Goat should be right, then the next 365 days, she will not show her whims, and snatch your luck out of your hands. Preparation for the New Year includes the decoration of the room. Here it is desirable to use wooden objects, bells, green and blue shades. It is great if the portrait of the Mistress of the year will show off in a prominent place. We propose to create a hand-made article - an imitation of a clock with the image of a green goat. We need: an album for drawing, paints, scissors, rain, a round lid from plastic containers, glue, an envelope folder for notebooks on a button, an adhesive tape, bumps, chestnuts.
 We suggest creating an article
Green, white and brown colors are deliberately dominated in the crafts. They are loved by the expected Guest. First we work with a plastic cover. Choose the size of the picture that will be in the center of the dial. We label the approximate height and width on a sheet of paper.
 draw a goat
Then we look for a picture with a picture of a goat and copy it (redraw,circle it on A4 sheet.
 draw a goat
Paint the portrait with colors. If there is an opportunity to cut out the finished image, you can not miss a good case. We measure the diameter of the lid and cut out the corresponding circle from the album sheet.  paste the picture
Take a rain, apply it along the edge and cut off a strip of the required length. Scotch tape in several places neatly fasten the rain, forming a frame.
 Christmas hack
Round sheet with hoofed animal we glue PVA.
 New Year's Handicraft
Select 4 pine cones and glue them in place of the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12.
 Christmas crafts
We lay out small chestnuts between the cones. If there are no chestnuts, simply draw 3 digits. Bumps can be replaced with small Christmas balls. From the old folder-envelope we cut out 2 arrows, use plastic in the area of ​​the button.  Christmas crafts Fasten on the dial.The button will even change the time on the clock. In our case, the arrows show "23-50." That is, midnight soon. The miracles begin.
 Christmas clock with a goat
The clock is ready, it remains to find a place to put them.

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