Cocktail "Brain Tumor"

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 27, 2011
Cocktail "Brain Tumor"

As you can see in the photo, the Brain Tumor cocktail looks grim. But in fact, it is so delicious that you immediately forget about the appearance. He is very fond of all women, despite the fact that apparently he is not at all attractive. The same can be said about the name that came to mind of an American bartender in 1950, who, after closing the bar, mixed such a cocktail. Well, what else was it called? Of course, "Brain Tumor"! No matter what, the cocktail was quite palatable and quite strong.

Let's start with the dishes. In the photo, the glass looks large, but in fact it is a small stack, about 70-80 grams. For convenience of preparation, avoid large glasses for cocktails.

Undoubtedly, such a sophisticated cocktail is best prepared by a confessional bartender, but still worth a try. To prepare the cocktail "Brain Tumor" will have to practice.

Cocktail "Brain Tumor"

Brain Tumor cocktail recipe:

  • Tripl Sec, an oranges-based dry liqueur, sometimes substituted with Cointreaux liqueur
  • Grenadine pomegranate liqueur can also be replaced.Often use Lingonsaft syrup
  • Any peach based liquor
  • Vodka
  • Baileys liqueur

Such ingredients are used to prepare cocktails in bars. If you want to prepare a "brain tumor" at home, use:

  • 15 ml of dry liquor based on Tripl Sec oranges or Cointreau liquor
  • 20 ml Lingonsaft syrup
  • 15 ml vodka Finland (if not, replace with another good vodka)
  • 5-10 ml Baileys cream liqueur

Let's start cooking:

Pour the liquor Tripl Sec into a pile, then gently add the syrup drop by drop, it should sink to the bottom without mixing with the liquor. If you do not see a clear difference between liquor and syrup, then you can not continue, but start anew. The border should be! Now you need to pour in vodka, the best thing to do is to put a teaspoon in a pile and pour vodka over it (the spoon should not touch the liquid). And again you should see the border, vodka is a little lighter than Tripl Sec. It remains the most important thing. Pour the Baileys into the lid, put the cocktail tube in there and draw in the liquor (just don’t drink it). Carefully remove the lower end of the tube with your finger. Now put the straw into a stack so that you can release Baileys between a layer of vodka and a layer of Tripl Sec, do this 3-4 times, adding Baileys to taste.

If it fails several times in a row, do not suffer, go to the bar, where you will be amazed to be happy with the preparation and taste of this cocktail!

Cocktail "Brain Tumor"

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