Construction of the smokehouse for home

Making it easy, the process of smoking is quite simple. So that many can afford it. And when you put on the table fresh smoked do-it-yourself products, which entice you with a magnificent smell, pleasing your eyes with your appearance, you and your guests will be delighted. Sometimes smoked products that you can buy for sale do not differ in quality. So, as sometimes in the process of smoking allowed goods that have already exceeded their shelf life, and in the form of smoked it can not be noticed. In this article we will focus on the mini-smokehouse. With its help you can smoke on the balcony. In the past century, metal syringe sterilizers were used in medicine. They were rectangular in shape, and round larger ones. This is a great device for solving this problem with minor refinement. In this case we are talking about hot smoked.
Smoke at home The construction of the smokehouse
At the bottom we fill one - two handfuls of sawdust. From above we put the pallet to drip fat into it.If this is not done, the fat will drip onto the smoldering sawdust, ignite and the product will be spoiled by an unpleasant smell. There should be a small gap between the pallet and the sawdust. To do this, you can put any metal objects of the appropriate size on both sides of the bottom. From above we put a metal lattice, from an old refrigerator, for example. On the grate we put the product, close the lid, put it on the gas cylinder with the nozzle. "Smoke house Construction of the smokehouse
The flame heats the bottom, sawdust smolders, smoke circulates in the body of our simple device, the product smokes. After 30- 90 minutes, depending on the type of product, you close the gas valve, open the lid, pleasant smoke and aromatic smoking smell will come out of the box. But, you need to smoke properly. Smoking is preceded by marinating. You can not smoke raw foods, it can be dangerous to health. If you do not want to marinate, then the product must be boiled before or after smoking. By the way, I will reveal one secret. If in the water in which boiled, for example, smoked chicken, cook sausages, you get smoked sausages. Smoke them traditionally will not work, becauseIn the product of smoking should be meat. And in sausages, which can now be bought for sale, if it is present, it is not in sufficient quantity, and if you try to smoke them in a smokehouse, you will get something dry, tasteless. with flowers, smokehouse wash. Do not forget about safety measures when handling a gas cylinder. Especially if the house has small children, pets. Sawdust is best suited from fruit trees. They will give the meat flavor. The worst for this process is from coniferous trees, because contain tar. This is just one of the ways to implement this process. Having understood its principle, you can perform this device in other ways. If you are a welder, or you have a friend who owns this specialty, you can make a device of the shape and size you need. In the end - the end, if you have your own yard, then you can smoke in any metal box, or bucket with a lid. Making a smokehouse with your own hands is easy.


The main component in preparing a marinade for smoking is salt. She disinfects. And this is very important.The second most important ingredient is pepper, to add flavor to taste. The rest of the spices and seasonings are optional, as the strong taste and smell of smoking will muffle all other smells.You can pickle in a liquid marinade or dry. In the case of liquid marinade, boil water, cool, add salt, sugar, black pepper, bay leaf, cloves, cilantro seeds (coriander), cardamom. If you are preparing a dry marinade, you should grind the seeds, mix everything, lightly moisten with vegetable oil to create a paste and smear the product. Amount of salt individually. The range of salt perception is quite extensive. If you are going to smoke for serving with beer, then salt can be more abundant. Approximately 1 kilogram of product - one full tablespoon of salt with a slide, one teaspoon of sugar. Marinate in the fridge for three days.

Smoking process.

Before smoking, rinse the product, dry it. If it is wet, it will not only be smoked, but also steamed, but we don’t need it. Given the small size of the smokehouse, the product will be heat treated. As a result, the appearance of the product may be slightly impaired.Wrinkled skin, disclosure of fish and so on. To avoid this, it is necessary to ensure that the flame is not too large. When smoking an average fish, 30-40 minutes is enough. If you smoke chicken legs or brisket, then it will take at least an hour.

What can you smoke?

Fish, such as, mackerel, horse mackerel, herring, and others. Chicken thighs or wings are amazing. And juicy, flavorful bacon just melt in your mouth. Hot smoked kraków sausages with fried potatoes will perfectly decorate any table. Some people like to smoke cold. But this is already everyone decides for himself. Have you tried smoked chicken eggs? Boil the eggs, peel off the shells, slightly cut the protein, blot for 30 minutes. After smoking, place them in a dish, cut in half, salt and pepper. You have received an exclusive product that can surprise the inveterate gourmets. If desired, eggs can be stuffed by stirring the yolks with butter, seasonings. Smoke, experiment, display your recipes. Enjoy the pleasant taste, surprise your friends and guests. But do not forget that smoking should not be abused, especially for people who are contraindicated for health reasons.

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