Contrast bracelet

To make a beautiful original decoration on your own hand is not very difficult. I offer a variant of your patent leather bracelet. Follow the description. Required materials: 1. two small pieces of patent leather - one white, one red; 2. waxed cord of red and white colors; 3. special rivets; 4. buckle;
Required materials
Among the tools we will need: - press to install rivets; - ruler;- scissors; - pen; - hole punch.
 tools we need
If you don’t have a special press or punch, It's not a problem. For the formation of holes, use a regular awl or carefully cut through with nail scissors. Instead of a press, you can install riveting with a conventional hammer. So, let's start. The first thing you need to do is cut 10 pieces of leather. We need 3 pieces of red leather in the following sizes: 45x15mm - 1 piece, 10x35mm - 2 pieces.And 7 pieces of white in such sizes: 45x15mm - 1 piece, 10x35mm - 4 pieces, 100x7mm - 1 piece, 70x7mm - 1 piece.
pieces of leather

The next step is to make 8 small holes on the pieces with dimensions 45x15mm. Try to make a pen on the back of the mark so that the holes are one against one.
 8 small holes
Take a 150mm provoschennogo white cord and make a diagonal interweaving through one hole.
weave the string
Then do the same with the red cord, only in the opposite direction so that the crosses are obtained.
 doing with the red cord
With reverse moans, tails with laces are fastened by simple tying knots. The remaining tails are cut off.
 From the back moans
Next, you need to fold 2 white pieces of the letter" G "and make a hole hole
it is necessary to put the pieces together
And attach the riveting with the help of a press. Do the same thing on the second side to make the letter ”P”, only attach the red piece.
 we do it from the second side
You need 2 letters of such letters” P ”, only the second one should be symmetrical to the first.
the second must be symmetric
D Further, the piece created with the lacing piece must also be joined together with rivets with two letters "P".  connect with rivets
Take a piece of white leather measuring 70x7mm. At a distance of 25mm from the edge we make a small hole. We put on this hole on the buckle and fasten the remaining tail riveting. After that, with another riveting we attach the belt to the base of the bracelet. On the last piece we make 5 holes with a distance of 15 mm. And we also attach it to the base using riveting.
 a contrast bracelet was produced
 The contrast bracelet is large That's it all, the bracelet is ready.You can also make it in any other color: black and red, black and white, or any other material you have.
 made a contrast bracelet

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