Corals and shells in the interior of the house

Holidays to the sea for many is the perfect holiday. Many seas today have become available to Russians: from the beloved and once the only Black Sea to the tropical seas of Southeast Asia. Many people like to have a beach holiday, but in the heat it is rather boring to just lie in the shade under an umbrella or swim. Beach entertainments in the form of jet skis, parasailing, water skiing, bananas, surfing are not for everyone and are not suitable for children. But there is an occupation on the sea, which both adults and children love - picking up shells and interesting stones on the beach. On the shores of the tropical seas, in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Maldives, fragments of coral are thrown onto the beach, which are also eagerly collected by holidaymakers in memory of the sea. Then seafood is brought home and they gather dust for a long time in a sink or basket until they are out of sight or thrown away. Few people know that you can make many interesting articles from shells and corals.These are toys from shells, these are interior decorations for an apartment or house - everything depends on imagination. Toys can be made from double-wing and twisted shells. The easiest of them are turtles. In the East, the turtle is a symbol of wisdom and longevity. Therefore, it is certainly pleasant to bring a turtle made with your own hands from Southeast Asia. For the manufacture of turtles and other animals fit any shells. In addition to shells, you only need glue.
 a tree with turtles and a dog
(a tree with turtles and a dog) You can make from fragments of shells tree. To do this, you need to pick up the fragments of shells resembling a sheet in shape or process them on a machine, if possible. Drill a hole in each sheet and insert a thin wire into it. Then from separate sheets to twist branches, and from branches to make a tree. The photo clearly shows how this can be done. Under the tree, you can "settle" made animals. Such a composition will perfectly decorate the interior and can also become a wonderful toy for children. The white and boring wall of the bathroom or kitchen can be decorated with sinks and corals pasted on the wall,as well as non-standard small shelves with fish.  shelves with fish
(shelves with fish decorated with shells and corals) Corals in tropical seas cannot be lifted from the bottom. But their fragments, sometimes quite large, can be found on the beach. In addition, they are often sold in souvenir shops. From them you can make an interesting composition. For the base, you need to find a large stone, on which you glue corals with glue. In nature, they are colorful from blue and purple to white, beige and even green. But the color of corals under the influence of light quickly disappears, and they become white or beige. Star Krassastra its bright crimson color perfectly shades dim stone with corals. The star is rather rare, but it can be replaced with any other bright spot.
 Coral Composition
(Coral Composition),
 Coral composition with a star
(Composition of coral with a star) Sea shells are surprisingly diverse in color, shape, size.In the souvenir shops of any resort you can buy them quite inexpensively. Even the resorts of the Black Sea sell dozens of beautiful tropical shells. Most of the tourists who buy them are unaware that shells from tropical seas and believe that they are inhabitants of the Black Sea. Shells are glued or attached with a thin thread or wire to a lattice made of wood or metal - and now the wall decoration is ready.
 wall decoration from the shells
(wall decoration from shells) For a composition of flat corals and shells, you need to make a stand of thick wire with a mount for the shells and corals that you are going to put into it. Such a composition can become the dominant of the room and here you should put the most beautiful shells and flat corals. On the dark surface of the table or piano, such a composition attracts the eye and reminds of the wonderful days spent at sea.

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