Cover for student ID

School years pass and every girl and every guy already with teenagers and pupils who they were at school, step into a new feature of their life, this is already an adult and responsible branch of their life, student years. Students are adults and established personalities, as they are not easily trained in universities, but consciously learn and study in the profession that they will continue to work with, and provide for themselves and their families. In other words, a student is an adult and already quite a responsible person. Simultaneously with the transition to adulthood, each student receives two more important documents in his life: this is a student card and a record book. These two documents are just as important for each person as a passport, especially since the student carries them with him every day of study. And to always these documents were in proper form, they just need to be worn in protective covers, so they will last much longer and do not get dirty.Since students are bright and very special, things and all accessories to them must correspond to their bright image. This applies especially to female students. They literally run in fashion in front of each other. So to be brilliant in everything, you can make the same accessories, that is, covers for documents, with your own hands. For this, the scrapbooking technique will be very relevant, it is in it that we will make the cover for the student card. To create the cover you will need: • Transparent cover for the student card; • Pastel paper of green color; • Paper for scrapbooking green with polka dots; • A piece of scrapbook with leaves in a green and beige tone; • A picture with a owl; • • A cut white-green circle; • • A printed inscription: a student ticket; • Metal key of bronze color; • Green plastic button; • Turquoise floor up to 4 mm dia. • Green ink pad; • Reppa narrow marsh-colored ribbon; • Double-sided tape, ruler, scissors, glue gun, pencil, PVA glue, lighter.
The cover on the student ticket
First we need a cardboard base for a student card, which we cut out of pastel paper. Cut out 7.4 * 20.6 cm one large rectangle, then divide it in half and fold it.
 cardboard base
>img src="" alt="cardboard base" title="cardboard basis">
Try on with a transparent cover.
 We are trying on with a transparent cover
 We are trying on with a transparent cover
Now we cut out two rectangles 5 * 9 from scrapbook 8 cm from one paper and 3.5 * 9.8 cm from another paper.
 Now cut from scrapbooking
 Cutting from scrapbook With a hole punch we make one paper bottom with openwork and we glue it with each other PVA glue, get two rectangles 7 * 9.8 cm. On one of them sticking picture, circle,the inscription and the left cut strip.
 we make an openwork
 Sewing on a sewing machine
Sewing on a sewing machine inscription and image . Glue to the base of both rectangles on a double-sided adhesive tape.  Sew on the sewing machine
Sew both parts on the machine Sew on both parts of the cover separately. Cut off the rep ribbon to the width of the picture, firing its edges, sticking a button under one picture on one side. In the corners of the picture we glue the beads, and in the other corner we glue the key.
 We sew both parts on the machine
 Paste now into the transparent cover
We are now putting it in a transparent cover, the cover for a student ticket for manual work is ready. Thanks and good luck in making.
 Student ticket cover
 Cover for student ID card

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