Crochet openwork pattern

Crochet openwork pattern
Type 43 air loops (VP) - 2 * 18 for rapport, 7 for symmetry and 3 for lifting (P).
 Crochet openwork pattern
Openwork pattern crochet
First row: in the fourth loop of the base, tie a column with a crochet (CH). Pass 2 loops, and through the third make a group of 3 CH (HR). After completing 3 GR with the same omissions, dial 13 VP. Skip the 5 loops of the base and in each third loop knit along the GR - only 5 times. Once again, tie 13 VPs and continue similarly; complete the series will be 2 CH and P. Watch the pattern alternating along the edges of the canvas: above the single P after the GR, the previous row should have 2 CH or CH and P and vice versa.
 Crochet lace pattern
Second row: 4 GR between the GR of the first row and a chain of 6 VP (TS). The hook can be inserted into the arch between the GR or into the loop connecting the 2 GR to slightly vary the pattern of the canvas.Sew a single crochet post (SCN) through the middle of the chain from the EP (here you can also insert the hook into the loop itself or under it), C and again perform 4 GR between the first row GR. Repeat this until the end and make CH through the loops of the first row lifting and P.
 Crochet openwork pattern
Third row: duplicate the outermost SN. Tie 2 GR and C. Next 3 SNS: near the attachment of the first TS to the SNS of the second row, but not through the SNS itself, another one above the SNR itself and again over the edge of the next Ts. Then again Ts, etc. Finish a series of 2 SNs and P.
 Crochet openwork pattern
Fourth row: 2 ГР, Ц and 5 СНН: 2 per C from two sides and 3 through the ScN of the third row. Type Q and repeat the pattern. At the end of CH and P.
 Openwork crochet pattern
Fifth row: repeat CH. Tie GR, C and 7 sc, increase the sc will follow, as in the fourth row. Continue symmetrically to the end, then do 2 CH and P.
 Openwork crochet pattern
Sixth row: perform the GR in the arch above the GR and another through the beginning of the Ts.Make C and 5 sc, skipping the last sc of the fifth row.
 Openwork crochet pattern
The seventh row repeats the third, eighth and ninth ones knit similarly to the second and first.

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