Decking species

The exterior style and materials used to finish the house indicate a certain status of its owner. Presentable loggias, fountains, pools, decorated with modern veneer, are an integral part of the home, owned by a wealthy owner.

Initially, the floors of the loggias and terraces were faced with wood. Modern WPC board is made according to the technologies developed on the basis of the latest inventions. It is designed for finishing sites operated in the open air. The material has high strength and fashionable appearance. He found application in the design of sites for recreation and walks. KDP is something derived from wood, but not quite plastic. The terrace board made from it possesses the qualities inherent in both materials. It has a presentable appearance of high-quality expensive wood, but at the same time it absolutely does not lend itself to destructive influences of the environment. WPC is obtained by mixing wood flour with synthetic composite compositions. Usually for this take polyvinyl chloride.The strength of the board depends on the percentage composition of the mixture prepared for its stamping. Compliance with the proportions of the amount of wood and composite resins in the composition provides an opportunity to obtain a durable and elastic facing material. Deking has pleasant natural shades that resemble natural wood. Dyes are dissolved in the composite during the fabrication process. They do not fade in the sun, do not wash out of the boards. Therefore, decking retains its color during the entire service life. The wood present in the WPC structure gives it viscosity, strength, aesthetic appearance. Composite filler, enveloping the wood, protects it from moisture. The fibers remain dry in all weathers. They are not soaked with water, creating favorable conditions for the development of bacterial damage and the occurrence of fungal formations in the structure of the board. Deking is a topcoat in the form of modules resembling planed boards. The difference between the types of coating is noticeable in the structure of the surface, the presence and shape of cavities, and the design of the lock profiles intended for installation. Modules with wide or narrow ribs have one front side.This design reduces the cost of the lining, but reduces its strength. Endless or hollow modules have two face planes. When the surface of the coating is worn, it can be re-painted like an old-fashioned coat, giving the floor a new life. Decking with fins has only one face. It consumes less raw materials. It is cheaper, but its strength and durability is much lower. The terrace board is issued for seam or seamless connection. Special profile lugs on the edges of the decking facilitate installation. For a seamless method, protrusions and depressions are formed on the boards, providing the ability to connect a tenon into a groove that allows you to perform cladding work in a very short time. With the help of special clips, inserted into the grooves, the modules are pressed to the bars with self-tapping screws. Given the tendency of the duodenum to thermal expansion, in order to avoid buckling when laying the decking along the walls, leave a small gap. With the help of the construction level they control the horizontal of the batten.The self-tapping screws on the clips are screwed down without much effort. With its external similarity, a composite of wood-polymer mass has significantly better qualities than trees. It behaves well in a humid environment, has a wear-resistant surface. Decking is not afraid of damage by mold or fungal formations. It is durable and has self-extinguishing properties. For the design and moisture resistance, decking was called a deck board. The surface of the board does not slip in wet weather. Its roughness is maintained regardless of weather conditions. The structure of the surface is not difficult during the cleaning. KDP coating is successfully used in areas of large crowds. Its wear resistance is significantly higher than that of a natural wood coating. WPC board is used in areas subject to frequent exposure to a humid environment. It is used to decorate fountains, pools, piers, artificial ponds. There is a prospect of crowding out tiled floors with a terrace board in bathrooms, kitchens, baths. The appearance and structure of the decking surface of the WPC are suchthat it is difficult to define a room where it would be inappropriate or create contradictory relationships with the design of modern premises.

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