Decorative slippers, needle cases

Consider how to make a decorative sneaker-needle bed. Its length in the finished form is about 15 cm. To make such a small thing you will need 5.5 m. Of a satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide. From personal experience, I can add that such souvenirs look especially good in orange and blue. So, first draw the pattern slipper. For the manufacture of parts is well suited thin cardboard, which would easily enter the needle for sewing. You can use the carton packaging tights. Cut out 2 pcs. details of the top and 3 pcs. sole details.
sole details
We double our satin ribbon and apply it to the details of the top diagonally, cutting off the ribbons as needed. So to the end of the line. All fix stationery clips.
fix ribbons with clips
From the opposite side we also fix ribbons with clips, starting to bind them.
Align all ribbons
Align all ribbons so that the design is neat, all edges must be fixed with paper clips. With the wrong side, trim the ends of the tape too long with scissors. We attach the second part.
We sew manually
We sew manually two parts of the top, fixing each ribbon. We are doing the same work with the sole sneaker as with the top. As a result, we have two details have this kind of face and back: 6/1941-akkuratno-sshivaem.jpg "alt =" Gently sew "title =" Gently sew ">
Gently sew two parts together in one slipper.
carefully singe
Cut off 50 cm of ribbon, carefully searing the cut edges with a match. We collect the tape in the center of the thread. sew it to the edge We set the tape and sew it to the edge of the top of the sneaker, fixing it in the middle of the tape.
We take the rest of the tape
We take the rest of the tape, leaving 15 cm on the bow and fastening. We collect it on a string, we collect it so that when assembled, the length of the tape is 32 cm.Sew tape to the sneaker around the perimeter. Cut off a piece of ribbon 4 cm long, sing the edge of a match with a match, assemble a small bow and fasten it to the middle of the sneaker with thread or glue.
We make loop
We produce a loop for attaching a sneaker to a wall or other surface. Cut a ribbon of 8x1 cm from the remaining piece of tape. We sing it from three edges. You can buy a piece of finished narrow ribbon, if it is in the same color. In the last detail of the sole, we carefully cut a blade about 1 cm long with a blade or a clerical knife. We thread our ribbon into it. A piece with a loop is glued to the sole of the sneaker. It will close all seams visible outside and will give an accurate look to a ready souvenir.
a piece foam
In the middle of the sneaker you can put a piece of foam rubber sheathed with a cloth or sew a small pad of cotton wool or glue a small ball of knitting yarn.

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