Denim handbags with your own hands! Ideas for Inspiration (Part 2)

Varieties of bags

There are many different models of denim bags. It all depends on your imagination and your taste.Let's consider some models closer.


All girls face the situation when you need a handbag to put a smartphone, lipstick, keys, wallet in it. Denim clutches will make the look interesting and tasty.

Casual bag

Even the everyday image can be made unusual with the help of a denim bag. A bag of leather and denim will look great.

Beach bag

Have you noticed how the color of the wave is similar to the color of the denim fabric? Choose bags with different prints, make your holiday fun and unforgettable!


Denim backpacks are non-replaceable classics. Models are suitable both for study and for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Fashion trends

Denim always attracted the attention of designers.Offering different options, bags of denim began to appear on the runways once. They made a real sensation on society.Many years have passed since then, but bags continue to appear from season to season.

World renown received the bags of Monogram Denim Bijou Pochette from the Fashion House of Louis Vuitton. The main highlight of the model is that it is manually embroidered with crystals and glass beads. Bags are made of high quality denim, and accessories are made of durable metal. Handles of models combine ribbons, beads, beads. The bag looks elegant and flawless.

Chanel designers were more concise than Louis Vuitton.Their models are made restrained and strictly in dark blue shades. Of course, on the outside of the bag there is a corporate logo, which is often made of leather. Many bags include traditional metal belts.

Truly romantic looking bags from Valentino.These are bags of delicate blue color, decorated with applique. In most cases, the application is an image of butterflies.

Denim tote bag, issued by the Prada brand - a hymn to simplicity.Bulky bags of calm blue shades look so stylish that they fit into any image.

Miss Sixty denim bags are a striking discovery in the fashion world.They will appeal to all lovers of extravagance and creativity. Bags are presented in unusual colors with an interesting finish.


A variety of jewelry bags make them unique and unusual.Thanks to the stylish finish on the bag, your image will look fresh and new. What kind of finish designers offer us when choosing bags?

For those who want to stand out, created bags with applique.Products look very impressive. The application can be quite varied: from small stars to whole pieces of world paintings. However, you should choose a handbag strictly for the occasion. It will be ridiculous if you come to the meeting with a bag on which the application of berries.

Small denim bags with embroidery are suitable for evening out.They can be decorated with flowers made of beads and beads. It will be interesting to look at bags with quotations or decorated with lace, ribbons. Ethnic and oriental motifs will make a denim bag look like an object of every girl's desire.

Rhinestone bagswill look advantageous in the spotlight. And every woman will feel like a queen with a luxurious twinkle of her purse.

Patchwork (patchwork sewing of jeans) occupies a special place in the decoration of denim bags.There are days when you want creativity.Arm yourself with old jeans and necessary garments. You yourself can sew a patchwork bag!

For this we need only chalk, scissors, ruler, needles, thread, sewing machine. Smooth the fabric and cut it into pieces, after completing the pattern. Sew the shreds together and iron the resulting web. If necessary, duplicate the linen with a lining and quilter, treat the edges of the product. Handbag ready!

Sizes of bags

The size of the handbag depends on the place and the case.For each event, the girl should have different versions of the models. Bags should not only decorate our image, but also be practical. As a rule, the bags should be both everyday and for the evening promenade. So what size should your denim bag be?

Big bagsare intended for people leading an active lifestyle. A bulky denim bag will be comfortable for events requiring many things. For example, you can take big bags for going to the gym. Also, big bags will be needed for a trip to the beach or a small trip.

Medium size denim bags- an excellent choice for every day.With it, you can go to work or school, given that it will be monotonous and excludes all sorts of embroidery and appliqués. Medium-sized denim models will lift your spirits in your daily routine. It will include all the necessary things and documents.

Little Denim Handbagssuitable for an evening out. Clutches are needed in order to put in them the minimum number of necessary things, such as lipstick, keys, a smartphone and a wallet. Products decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or applique handbags will complete your image and emphasize your individuality.

Bag colors

“What is there to talk about? Blue! ”You say. And you will be right, but only partially. Denim fabric includes a palette of various shades.There are a lot of blue flowers, but there are still gray, blue, black.Yes, denim is rich in color.

The hue of the denim bag depends again on the event and the occasion. For example, dark blue, black fabrics are better for choosing for official events or for work, study. It must be remembered that such institutions require themselves to be conservative.Therefore denim bags of black and dark blue flowers will look laconically in your classic style.

Blue and gray colors are suitable for everyday business.For example, do you want to meet with friends or do you have to go shopping, choose models of such colors. Products in blue and gray shades will look harmonious with any your way.

Blue fabric is suitable only for summer days.Light color will stand out from the warm autumn or winter outerwear. But on a hot summer day a bag made of blue denim will look fresh and neat.

What to wear

A denim bag is an accessory that requires care.The product should not overload the image, but only complement it. In order to denim bag has become your magic wand, follow our advice.

Ideal denim bags fit to the nautical style.Stripped vests, white pants, red belts are perfectly combined with denim bags. Go in such a way on a cruise or for a walk at the resort.

Looks great denim bag in combination with dresses in the style of babydoll and boho-chic.In the first case, your image will be romantic and gentle.And with a dress in boho style, you will look free and relaxed. For both cases, slightly wavy ringlets and nude make-up are perfect.

Minimalism - the current trend is always.Choose cotton shorts and a plain t-shirt complete with a denim bag. Sandals, slip-on sneakers or sneakers will be a great addition to your look.

And no matter how generic the jeans bag looks, there are rules in which it definitely should not be chosen to complete the look. Firstly, we recommend that you do not wear jeans bags with thick fabrics. Secondly, the categorical "no" set of bags of denim and classic costume. Thirdly, you should not wear such bags with clothes on which large geometric or animalistic prints. Fourth, the combination of a denim bag + jeans clothes should be approached carefully, because the image can be overloaded.

Fashionable images

From theory to practice. Consider the excellent images with a denim bag, in which you will feel stylish and confident.

Monochrome dresses are perfectly completed with denim bags.This will teach you the famous singer Rihanna. Take with her example.

The trend for open shoulders will be advantageously combined with a small denim bag on a metal chain.This may be a sweater and a dress. Use the warm weather to remember your summer adventures!

Denim clutches look harmoniously together with plain t-shirts.It will be interesting to look a set of such a model with a T-shirt, on which there is a quote. Just let it be a wise saying, agreed?

Dark chiffon blouses and soothing denim jeans bags look very tasty.Choose a dark blue, emerald green, burgundy top and denim bag.

For lovers of an active lifestyle, an outfit from a basic white jersey, shorts and a denim backpack is perfect.. In this way you can conquer new peaks!

And yet the question is. How to combine a denim thing with a denim bag? This should be done carefully, choosing a small bag of denim. Ideally, if in the image will be, one thing from denim or completely denim. For example, a denim overall, a skirt or shorts. Then you do not overload your look with a denim bag.

You have learned in what cases a jeans bag would be appropriate and how to combine it with various images.

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