Do-it-yourself dog shape

Every mother knows the problem when a child constantly throws pencils around the house. Small children do not like to collect their belongings. But you can lure the kid and sew a pencil case in the shape of a dog with your own hands. A child will be happy to fold pencils in his pencil box. penal-v-forme-sobaki- svoimi-rukami (1)

Do-it-yourself dog shape

To stitch a pencil case you will need:

  1. several pieces of cloth;
  2. lightning;
  3. thread with a needle.

First we draw a pattern on paper.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (2)

Then we transfer it to the fabric and cut it out. For the ears, you can take a different in texture fabric. The tail can also be made of another soft fabric.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (3)

Then we take the two halves of the body, bending the edge, sew a lightning between them.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (4)

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (5)

We sew the head, ears and tail along the contour and turn it out.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (6)

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (7)

Then do not sew the wired edge of the ear and sew it to the head.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (8)

The trunk is stitched, leaving the zipper open at all times. Turning the torso through the zipper.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (9)

To make eyes dog, you can sew circles of black felt or black buttons.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (10)

Then sew the tail. It can be sewn from above, or slightly open the seam, insert a tail into the hole and make a stitch. To sew the head, you need to unzip the zipper, insert the head inside and lay the line on top.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (11)

Here is the pencil case and is ready, you can fill it with pencils.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (12)

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (13)


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