Elegant Christmas toys made from scrap materials

In the store, which was filled with New Year decorations, a conversation was heard — the father explained to his daughter: “If we buy everything, the money from the father will end.” So let, dear readers, in the coming 2018, money never ends with you, and the time you spend with your children for joint creativity will be unforgettable and happy!

To decorate the house for the holiday, it is not at all necessary to stand in lines in cramped stores. For every New Year's Eve you can plan a creative project for the whole family, sit at a table, turn on a pleasant light and create interesting crafts together. We have prepared for you a lot of ideas for evening creative gatherings. Choose what you like and in accordance with what materials you already have at hand.

The Christmas tree in this photo is decorated with paper garlands and looks very elegant!

From scraps of wrapping paper, you can cut and glue an elegant garland of butterflies, ..

... snowmen and Christmas trees

elegant pine cone!

If you have a few sheets of thick colored paper, or magazine covers, we suggest building such bright Christmas tree balls:

Choose one of the stencils and print on colored paper, cut the embossed strips:

Arrange the cut strips, creating two colored overlaid one on top of another "sun". Using cut out circles and glue, fasten each layer first, then glue the bottom and top parts together in the center. Please note that the tips of the multicolored "rays" of the lower layer twist clockwise, and the "rays" of the upper layer counterclockwise.

The next stage is the interlacing of the bands in a circle. Use clothespins for fixing "rays" during weaving

It now remains only to secure the ends of the strips with glue and hide under the cut circle. Now you can pierce 2 holes with a needle, through which you pass a thread for suspension. Christmas tree toy is ready!

The following is a more simplified version.

These Christmas "balls" are easy to glue together from old Christmas cards, you need to cut the same size circles and glue them together. Add a ribbon suspension.

Balls on a Christmas tree made of twisted paper flagella

Training video on how to make a New Year's paper ball

Christmas tree toy can be made from colored paper or golden foil

Cute snowmen come from a carton for eggs.

Not for nothing on our website, we warned: stop throwing clips from toilet paper. Now you will see very nice things made of them.

Unusual Snowflakes

Creating a Christmas lantern is an easy and enjoyable experience for the whole family. Mom is a designer who does the layout of the paper, older children cut strips of paper, the younger ones connect the parts and give them to the father, who secures the finished parts with a clip. An idyllic evening with the family!

Video - master class for inspiration:

All holiday decorations in this room are made by the hands of the owners along with the children.

Garlands of hearts can decorate the house until February, until Valentine's Day

A wreath made of paper cakes for a magazine and small balls

Asterisks made of cardboard, cloth and mother-of-pearl buttons

Elegant volumetric stars in Scandinavian style

Video - a master class on making stars on the Christmas tree

Easy-to-make paper toys on the Christmas tree

Stencil for feathers that can be cut from silver foil

We wish you a merry and happy New Year holiday with your family!

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