Embroidered vintage wall clock

Embroidered vintage wall clock- an interesting master-class on making a wall clock with your own hands, with a beautiful embroidered vintage dial.

Materials and tools:

  1. burlap and hoop;
  2. black acrylic paint, sponge and brushes;
  3. floss thread and needles;
  4. paper;
  5. office knife;
  6. thick cardboard;
  7. scissors;
  8. glue gun;
  9. Scotch;
  10. pencil;
  11. Clockwork

Step 1

Cut a piece of burlap, approximately, 40x50 cm (the size can be any, depending on the desired one). We stretch the burlap on the hoop.

Step 2

We find the appropriate stencil of the dial, print out on the printer. Then cut the stencil stationery knife. We paste the stencil tape to the burlap and paint it with black paint using a sponge.

Step 3

When finished painting through the stencil, carefully remove the stencil and proceed to draw the dial. We draw with a thin brush and black paint.

Step 4

Let's proceed to the first step of embroidery. Take the black thread of the mulina and the needle and embroider the outer circle on the dial.

Step 5

Then we embroider small elements and other circles.

Step 6

Embroider the numbers and the remaining elements of the dial. Almost everything is ready.

Step 7

We remove the burlap with the embroidered dial from the embroidery frame and in the center of the dial we cut the hole for the shaft of the clock mechanism.

Step 8

Now, from the thick cardboard, cut out the base of the watch, in the center also cut a hole for the shaft of the clock mechanism. Then we wrap the basis of the sacking with an embroidered dial for fastening using the hot melt glue gun.

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