Embroidery Framing

Each embroideress wants to see her work in a decent frame. It is not always possible to buy a ready-made frame, as the embroidered picture is usually obtained in a non-standard size. And ordering in a framing workshop is expensive. You have to look for other options. A little imagination, and your embroidery will have the most elegant frame. For the creative process you need:
  • embroidered picture
  • a large piece of cardboard (you can take the packaging from any major purchase: a refrigerator, a cabinet);
  • a stationery knife;
  • a ruler, a pencil;
  • a roll of double-sided tape;
  • a piece of wrapping paper (or a piece of wallpaper, cloth) that matches the color;
  • a small piece of tape.
Preparing the frame. It consists of 2 parts: the base on which the embroidery will be glued and the upper part (the frame itself). Measuring the width and length of embroidery, add to them 5 cm on each side. For example, the size of the embroidery is 15x20 cm, therefore, the frame size will be 25x30. Apply the markup on the cardboard and cut it using a stationery knife.This is the basis.
Now we are preparing the top part. It will be exactly the same size as the base, only the middle need to be cut, leaving a contour 5 cm wide.  leaving the contour of width
Let's try embroidery with a frame, exactly in the middle. We paste on the basis of adhesive tape and paste the embroidery.  glue the embroidery We begin the most crucial moment: the design of the upper part of the frame. Add 5-6 cm on each side to the size of the base, apply marking on the wrong side of the wrapping paper and cut. Apply the tape to the frame and stick the frame to the exact center of the wrapping paper. Make one more markup on paper: back from the frame to the center 5-6 cm, draw and cut the middle.  cut the middle Apply the tape to the other side of the frame. At the corners of the package, make incisions, carefully wrap the package inside and glue it.  make cuts The last stage.Apply adhesive tape along the edges of the embroidery. Put the top of the frame on the base with embroidery, hold it tightly.  Overlap the top Turn the work face down. Apply the tape on the edge of the backside of the base, wrap the edges of the package and glue. First, wrap the long sides.  Apply Scotch tape Then wrap and paste the remaining 2 sides.
 wrap and glue
The result surpasses our modest expectations! If you want, you can make a frame with a passepartout. It will take a little more time and effort, but the result will be overwhelming. To do this, you need to choose a background for embroidery (the material may be the same wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric, but in a different color). Usually it is lighter than embroidery, but different variants are possible. The width of the mat can also be different, but not less than 2 cm. The process of creating a frame with a mat is the same as the usual frame. Only between embroidery, pasted on the base, and the top of the frame with a double-sided adhesive tape is fixedpasse-partout. Embroidery framing If you feel that something is missing, you can stick rhinestones, decorative buttons or other decorations along the edge of the mat. a little: on the underside of the work, mark the middle at the top, and glue the ribbon with a scotch tape - the loop on which the picture will hang on the wall.  Framing an embroidery
Framing an embroidery
Framing an embroidery

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