Embroidery with ribbons of roses: master class with step-by-step photo and video

Embroidery ribbons - this is a real art form, which is now again in fashion. Skilled needlewomen embroider clothes, jewelry, interior items, create whole ribbons embroidered with ribbons.

Novice needlewomen will be interested in a simple, but very effective workshop "White Rose".

 Embroidery ribbons roses: master class with step by step photos and videos

Embroidery with ribbons of roses: master class with step-by-step photo and video

Embroidery ribbons for beginners - step by step

Embroidery with rose ribbons master class we begin with the preparation of materials. We will need a hoop, thick fabric base, awl and ribbons (white - 2 cm, green - 1 cm).
 Materials for embroidery

Materials for embroidery

Stage I - a rosebud from ribbons

Embroidery with ribbons of a rose begins with bud formation.Bend the ribbon in a triangle and fix it with an awl or pin. The bud is not sewn onto the fabric base yet.

 Bend the ribbon

Bend the ribbon

Wrap the resulting triangle in a bud.

Wrap in a bud

Wrap in a bud

Again, we fold it in a triangle and we fix it in a bud.

Bend and fix the new circle

We bend and fix a new circle

Round by round we form a bud of the size we need. Fix it with an awl.

 Ribbon Bud

Ribbon Bud

Bud close by.

Bud close.

Buton close.

We sew the resulting bud.

We sew a bud on the fabric base

Sew a bud to a fabric base

Stage II - the middle part of a rose from ribbons

The middle part of a flower is made using the technique of embroidery . We need to sheathe ribbons made earlier bud.We take an awl with a ribbon and begin to form petals around the bud.

 Sew on the petals

Sew on the petals

We continue to sew on the petals. We sheathe the bud in a circle reaching the desired flower size.

 We sheathe in a circle

We sheathe in a circle

The middle part of the rosette is ready!

Average part of the flower

The middle part of the flower

Stage III - large rose petals from ribbons

Large rose petals are made of ribbons in the same way as the middle part of the flower using the embroidery technique. We sew them not tightly to the bud, but retreat 1 centimeter.

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