Fashionable things winter 2015-2016 (34 photos) - what is fashionable to wear in 2016

Fashion items winter 2015-2016

Each new season involves some new trends and rules in the images. Accordingly, fashion shows dictate fashion in clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup and even manicure.


Real, devoted women of fashion track almost every trend or fashionable trend, although sometimes it is rather difficult to do, because fashion is too fleeting. Our article is designed to help you understand the most striking trends that will allow you to be on the fashionable wave in the winter of 2015-2016.


In short, the next season is most of all a matter of business and classic styles, but their severity must border on a certain audacity and slight negligence.


Lovers of creativity can be upset, but this should not be done for the simple reason that fashion designers always have designers who love creativity and even shock the public with new interesting experiments.


Therefore, in the recent Fashion Weeks, we could see things of interesting styles and silhouettes, colors and shapes.The main features of the new season were laconic, simple and comfortable cut, warm fabrics of different textures and muted shades.


Photo: the most fashionable models of clothing fall-winter 2015-2016


Maximalism is back in fashion. Now you can experiment to the fullest, combining the most different things in one image. For example, you can safely combine different styles, things made from fabrics of various textures and colors, as well as prints that usually do not combine together. In this case, you can complement the image with bold accessories and a bright make-up.


By the way, body-fitting things are better to put in the closet until better times, because now things become oversized, tobish several sizes larger than your real size.


Maximalism is back in fashion. Moreover, it concerns the whole image as a whole. Now you can safely combine different things in one image, in a different situation, opposite in style or texture of fabrics. For example, many stylists of the world combine summer clothes with winter coats and knitted sweaters. The main thing is that your image should turn out to be slightly careless and even strange. Although, still make sure that things together do not look ridiculous.


Fashion items winter 2013-2014


Fashion items winter 2013-2014


Fashionable things winter 2013-2014


Fashion items winter 2013-2014


Fashion items winter 2013-2014


Fashion futurism in the collections of winter-2016


The fairly rapid development of high technology could not but affect fashion. The results of scientific and technological progress have influenced modern images, some of which have come to be called futuristic because of their unearthly, cosmic appearance. Such images were presented at some shows.


The main characteristic of futuristic images is the asymmetry of the cut, unusual bright, acidic or metallic shades, brilliance, translucency, interesting shapes and unusual silhouettes and an abundance of details. Also many clothes of this style have prints, which also differ in their originality.


Unusual trend of 2016: oval silhouette


Oval silhouette looks very unusual, but incredibly stylish. In the new season, this silhouette from many others will take a leading position. In addition, the owners of not perfect figures can rejoice: this silhouette will hide the flaws of the figure and make them almost completely invisible. However, on the other hand, oval silhouette clothing is recommended for tall, slim ladies.


In addition to the above, the trend of 2016, as a combination of incompatible things, deserves attention.As mentioned above, such a combination may be within the framework of the trend of multilayers, but sometimes an unusual combination can be found even in one garment.


For example, recently the famous brand Iceberg has released a new collection, where beautiful knitted dresses with textile inserts and fur sleeves were presented. Such an experiment shows that the combination of different textures sometimes looks very elegant and feminine.

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