Features of classic interiors - from Mobilicasa salon

An original and charming classic does not lose its popularity in interior design. One of the most important advantages of this trend is that the classic does not depend on the changing moods of fashion. Therefore, if you are planning a solid interior for many years, it is better to choose the classical style, since it will not lose its relevance.

A large assortment of classic furniture items can be found in the Moscow Mobilikaz showroom. For those who do not want to wait for the delivery of products from Italy, there is a convenient opportunity to purchase Italian furniture from a warehouse at the most attractive price.

Classic Canons

  • In order to create a complete classic interior, every detail needs to be thought out. In the classical style, thoughtful location of objects is especially important.
  • All furniture items must be made from natural materials.At the same time, unlike the eco-style, it should be not just safe for health materials, but expensive and elite varieties. In addition to natural expensive wood in such interiors can be used marble, silver, gilding, semi-precious stones.
  • The restraint of colors. In classic style it is not customary to use bright colors and motley prints. Professional designers recommend for this direction beige shades, light pastel gamut, white color. They can be complemented with brown or black accents to make the space more expressive and voluminous.
  • Contemporary Masking. Agree, modern household appliances or electronics look out of place next to the old carving. Nevertheless, without them it is impossible to imagine the comfortable life of a modern person. The only solution is a clever disguise of technology.

Classic bedroom furnishing options

The best option for decoration of any room, including bedrooms, is handmade furniture created from natural wood. Particularly noteworthy are Italian masters with their ancient traditions of hand-working wood.

On the website http://mobilicasa.ru/catalog/spalni-sklad you will find excellent bedrooms from leading brands in Italy.

Products of this quality will serve their owners for decades without losing an attractive appearance.

If you can not afford such a chic option, you should stop focusing on furniture made of natural wood or veneer. Outwardly, it is quite difficult to distinguish it from handicrafts, and modern technologies make it possible to create quite clever decorative elements. Special coatings improve the appearance of wood, making it more shiny and smooth.

Not less interesting option - use in your interior, not artificially aged, but really antique furniture. Antiques can completely transform the look of your home, make it more noble and presentable. The main difficulty in this matter is to find compatible objects and harmoniously arrange them in space.

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