Feminine skirt to the floor: ideas and patterns

Once upon a time such skirts were already in fashion, they were called “Tatyanka”. But, as you know, fashion is back, so the skirt of this cut will be relevant now.

If your hips have a volume of up to 100 cm, we will need a section of material 150 cm wide, and the length can be calculated as follows: measure the length you would like to get, and add another 15 cm to this value. These 15 cm will be needed for processing the lower and upper stitches. If you want to attach the upper assembly or belt separately to the skirt, we also cut off a separate striped of the desired size. Do not forget when cutting parts add a few cm to the seams. In this case, add 5 cm to the waist.

The resulting strip is twisted into a ring, stitched along the length, leaving the sides not sewn up, we insert a rubber band, which was previously measured to the waist.

The next step is to take a cut of the material that was prepared for the skirt. If you took one length, then fold the fabric in half and grind off two edges to make it look like a tube made of cloth.If you sew a two-piece skirt to the floor, stitch both sides around the edges.

Next, we begin to collect the top of the skirt. To do this, gather on top the thread to the volume equal to the volume of your waist and plus 5 cm. If you want the skirt to fall over the hips more gently, you can not fold it, and gather the folds. Gently stretching the upper part, sew the belt with an elastic band, which we made first.

The final stage - hemming the bottom of the skirt. This is best done with a hem seam. If your fabric allows it, you can not handle the bottom.

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