Find 6 differences: Balenciaga and IKEA bag


  1. Shake - the original will crunch.
  2. Multifunctional use - you can wear hockey equipment, bricks and even water in your original bag.
  3. Throwing it in the dirt - you can rinse a real Ikea bag with water from a garden hose, and it will be like new.
  4. Collapse - can you fold your copy to the size of a small handbag? Congratulations, you are the original owner.
  5. Look inside - the Ikea tag will be on the original.
  6. Look at the price - the original is only $ 0.99.

The idea was implemented by the advertising agency Acne. "We wanted to act fast, - Johann Holmgren, creative director of Acne studio, told about the project. -On the day of the Balenciaga bag release, I asked fashion photographer Andres Kilberg to make an identical frame with the Ikea bag. All work was done in two hours - and on the same day we placed our comic leaflets on all the shops. ”.

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